As the Seiyū World Turns: Two Marriages and a Pregnancy

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Mamiko Noto, Mirai Shida both announce they tied the knot

On this edition of the totally irregularly scheduled 'As the Seiyū World Turns,' two voice actresses announced their respective marriages, a baby is added to the mix, and find which one married her long-time friend.

Actress Mirai Shida welcomed new fans as the co-star in the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes anime film. Shida, who previously appeared in two Ghibli films as the titular character Arrietty and as Kayo Horikoshi in Miyazaki's The Wind Rises, returned to voice acting as Melissa Shields, the quirkless inventor. The 25-year-old Shida announced her marriage on Friday to a man who is not in the entertainment industry, adding that she is not pregnant and will continue with work as planned.

The actress has not yet held a ceremony or reception and the date of both events is still undecided. Shida wrote in her media announcement that her husband is a long-time friend. She asked for everyone's continued support as she continues in her career, one she has taken part in since she was six-years-old.

Popular voice actress Mamiko Noto made her own announcements on Thursday, revealing that she is both married and expecting a child. Noto, whose recent roles include Shinji Kazama in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory and Moriko Morioka in Recovery of an MMO Junkie, made the announcement on her radio program. She timed the announcement to let fans know of her upcoming maternity leave that will start before her child's birth and extend afterwards, but she plans to continue her radio program during that time.

Noto didn't offer any details about her husband's identity, how long the couple have been together, or the child's expected due date.

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