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Strawberry Marshmallow, More Manga Creators Celebrate Mamiko Noto's Wedding

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Last week, fan-favorite voice actress Mamiko Noto announced on her radio program that she is both married and expecting a child. Fans, both inside and outside the industry, celebrated the news by sharing art and messages on social media.

Strawberry Marshmallow manga creator Barasui drew Noto's character Ana Coppola in a wedding dress to show their support.

Comic Girls manga creator Kaori Hanzawa wished Noto well on her pregnancy. Hanzawa wrote she was extremely happy when Noto voiced the role of Kaosu-mama in the Comic Girls anime and congratulated her on becoming a real-life mother. Noto voiced Kaoruko Moeta's mom, Haruko Moeta, in the anime series.

Girls' High manga creator Towa Oshima wrote about Noto's angelic voice and how she didn't hesitate during the anime's racier jokes. Noto starred as Ayano Sato in the anime series.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga artist Takuya Fujima shared a picture of Noto's character Einhard Stratos from the anime series and said that he is celebrating her marriage from "the bottom of my heart."

Anima Yell! manga creator Tsukasa Unohana and Elfen Lied creator Lynn Okamoto also shared their excitement on Twitter. Okamoto shared a link to the news writing only, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Noto's recent roles include Shinji Kazama in Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory and Moriko Morioka in Recovery of an MMO Junkie. She let fans know of her upcoming maternity leave that will start before her child's birth and extend afterwards, but she plans to continue her radio program during that time.

[Via Ota-Suke

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