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The Future Has Arrived With Ghost in the Shell's Hyundai IONIQ 5 N Electric Vehicle Ads

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
See the collaboration at the Shibuya Tsutaya shop

Over the past 20 years, electric cars have gone from limited range to over two hundred miles (about 350 kilometers). Plus, with all the power going straight to the wheels, they also boast decent torque and horsepower. It's truly the future. And what better way to celebrate this than to merge the real future with the iconic Ghost in the Shell franchise. Well, car maker Hyundai has done just that with their new IONIQ 5 N.

Image via x.com

Multiple Ghost in the Shell and Hyundai Japan X (formerly Twitter) accounts announced the collaboration on May 22. Each of the initial posts share the same text. The Ghost in the Shell Official and SAC 2045 X/Twitter accounts then shared the same short video while the Hyundai Japan account has a slightly different version of the video. This video is a short clip of Ghost in the Shell protagonist Motoko Kusanagi driving the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N.

Never just drive. That's what my ghost whispers.

#Hyundai #HyundaiMobilityJapan #ヒョンデ [Hyundai] #HyundaiN #Neverjustdrive #IONIQ5N #RacetrackCapability #HighPerformanceEV #攻殻機動隊 [Ghost in the Shell] #ghostintheshell

Never just drive. That's what my ghost whispers.

#Hyundai #HyundaiMobilityJapan #ヒョンデ [Hyundai] #HyundaiN #Neverjustdrive #IONIQ5N #RacetrackCapability #HighPerformanceEV #攻殻機動隊 [Ghost in the Shell] #ghostintheshell

Never just drive. That's what my ghost whispers.

#Hyundai #HyundaiMobilityJapan #ヒョンデ [Hyundai] #HyundaiN #Neverjustdrive #IONIQ5N #RacetrackCapability #HighPerformanceEV #攻殻機動隊 [Ghost in the Shell] #ghostintheshell

Hyundai Japan's YouTube channel then posted two videos featuring the IONIQ 5 N and Ghost in the Shell characters on May 23 and June 2. The 30-second video extends the shorts featured in the social media posts. However, the 60-second video follows members of Ghost in the Shell's Public Security Section 9 as they chase the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. The videos feature some iconic moments from the franchise, such as Kusanagi falling from a skyscraper, as well as a little twist to the story.

The Shibuya Tsutaya store will host the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N and Ghost in the Shell collaboration between June 3 to June 22. A mockup of the event space on the Ghost in the Shell website shows two IONIQ 5 N's on display with a Tachikoma between them. In the back, the videos will apparently run on a loop.

Image via www.ghostintheshell-sac2045.jp

[IONIQ 5 N | Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045]
Collaboration event!

From Monday, June 3 to Saturday, June 22, we will be holding a special event called "Public Security Section 9's Mission: Find the Identity of 'N' Who Appeared in Shibuya!" on the 1st floor of SHIBUYA TSUTAYA, the new and popular spot in Tokyo.

We will deliver an immersive experience into the world of N and Ghost in the Shell.

Date: 2024.6.3 (Mon) – 6.22 (Sat)
Time: 10:00-20:00 ※ Open from 12:00 on the 3rd

▼For more information

#Hyundai #HyundaiMobilityJapan #ヒョンデ [Hyundai] #HyundaiN #Neverjustdrive #IONIQ5N #アイオニック5N [IONIQ 5 N] #RacetrackCapability #HighPerformanceEV #攻殻機動隊 [Ghost in the Shell] #ghostintheshell #shibuya #渋谷 [Shibuya]

While it's not stated if there will be a limited production Ghost in the Shell IONIQ 5 N, the base model is currently available. According to the Hyundai U.S. website, the 2025 IONIQ 5 N's starting list price is US$66,100 with power up to 641 horsepower/478 kilowatts, EPA estimated range up to 221 miles (356 kilometers), and Hyundai's standard HTRAC all-wheel drive. The vehicle also comes with N Grin Boost, electronic limited-slip rear differential, N Drift Optimizer, and acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 97 kiliometers per hour) in 3.25 seconds.

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