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Jerry Chu of Bandai Entertainment made some announcements about future releases from his company. Bandai Entertainment has acquired the license for "Jubei-Chan". It is a 13 episode magical girl type series. It ran latenight Japanese TV. It features a young high school girl who comes across a dying a man who hands her a heart shaped eye patch that allows her to transform into a super ninja.
The series was animated by Studio Madhouse, with the executive producer of Ninja Scroll. VHS and DVD releases should occur this fall.

In regards to Gundam Wing, Bandai restated its recent announcements. Jerry Chu stated “"[May] Will see the release of Gundam Wing VHS/DVD. Dubbed 4 episodes per tape at $14.98, DVD 5 episodes per DVD at $24.98 - there will be no subtitled VHS, instead the subtitled version will be on the DVD itself. Bandai Ent stand on subtitled VHS will be forthcoming." Jerry also stated that there would be two dubbed versions of Gundam Wing premiering on the Cartoon Network later in March. An edited version would be running during the week, while an unedited version would appear on Saturday night.

Bandai will also be releasing Escaflowne on DVD simultaneously with the upcoming dubbed released of the series.

As for the future direction of Bandai, Jerry Chu is quoted as stated "Other changes might come from the gradual home video move from VHS tapes to DVD's, he noted. Bandai plans more DVD releases and expects to cut prices on some of them. But, with subtitles and dubs both available on DVD, there could be fewer subtitled tapes in the future.” An example of this is the price drop of Blue Submarine No. 6 from $25 to $20 a disc.

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