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A Look at Marvel's Mangaverse

posted on by Scott Green
Newsarama has posted a review of Marvel Comics' upcoming Mangaverse.

The Mangaverse project breaks down as follows: Ben Dunn will write and illustrate the first and last chapters of the storyline, two 38-page bookends, the first of which will ship the third week of January. Six 22-24 page one-shots will ship the fourth week of January, and the event will be capped off by Dunn's final chapter, which ships the fifth “week” of January.

X-Men: Equinox will be written by C.B. Cebluski, penciled and inked by Jeff Matsuda,
and colored by Liquid. "I looked more at Japanese culture, history and literature than I did at anime and manga for inspiration. This is where most anime and manga gets its basis from anyway. I tried to write about and incorporate overriding themes and ideas that are important to the Japanese that are clearly evident in their popular culture now, such as in anime and manga. There is a history to everything that has happened in manga and anime and I tried to boil it all down and build it back up with the X-Men. Brotherhood, betrayal, seasons, magic, religion...X-Men: Equinox is going to be made up of lots of different elements, combined in a coherent, kick ass mutant story. "

Punisher will be written by Peter David. penciled and inked by Lea Hernandez. "The Punisher is a female Japanese school principle who punishes people," Smith said. "It's definitely very tongue and cheek and a lot of fun."

Fantastic Four will be written by Adam Warren, with art by Keron Grant. “Absolutely mind-blowing stuff,” Smith said.

Avengers Assemble: by Udon Studios. “The book is called Avengers Assemble and that's literally what happens,” Smith said. “It's like a Voltron-thing. They assemble into a giant robot and kick the crap out of stuff.”

Spider-Man: written and drawn by Kaare Andrews. "I've always knows Kaare was very interested in pursuing the writing aspects of comics," Smith said. "This is the first real full plot he handed into me and he knocked it out of the park. Basically, he's a teenage ninja. He doesn't have any spider-powers. Everything he does is ninja ability. He has the claw in one hand, uses the bolos to get around. In the background of the image is Venom, who's a big ass samurai, ninja guy."

Journey Into Mystery: written and drawn by Chuck Austen. “This one features the Blood Brothers, and is the story of Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night and Son of Satan, except they're all brothers in this universe, so they're all 'sons of Satan,'”

After January, the future of the Mangaverse, as it goes in comics, is up to the customers. If it does well, there will be more.

For more information and images see Newsarama

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