De:vadasy Clarification

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Media Blasters has clarifies confusion over the upcoming release of De:vadasy

Sean Molyneaux of Media Blasters has clarified the confusion over the upcoming release of De:vadasy, mentioned on Anime Prime yesterday.

The version of De:vadasy to be released by Media Blasters will be complete and uncut. There is no graphic sexual content in the OAV series, but enough implied "off-screen" sex for the series to be considered an adults-only release in Japan. The confusion over the content of the series lies in the fact that first edition copies of De:vadasy were released in Japan by production company AIC as an "all-ages" suitable title, however changes in Japanese pornography laws that occurred around the same time required AIC to re-package and re-release the OAVs with an "adults only" classification although there were no changes made to the animation content whatsoever.

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