New Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts Special to Air

posted on 2009-12-28 00:03 EST by Egan Loo
4 more animated shorts in January from Int'l Emmy-winning NHK production

The NHK public broadcaster will air a new special of Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts, the television adaptation of short stories by the acclaimed science-fiction author Shinichi Hoshi, on January 2 in Japan. The special will feature six stories — four animated, and two live-action. The four animated stories and their animators are "Muryō no Denwaki" ("Free Phone") by Pantagraph, "Atarashii Asobi" by Tayuta Mikage, "Kōtta Jikan" by Tetsuro Kodama, and "Gogo no Kyōryū" by Takashi Katō. The two live-action stories are "My Kokka" ("My Nation") and "Kofū na Ai."

The regular Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts television program ran until this past April, and a February 2009 special just won the Comedy category in the 37th International Emmy Awards. The award-winning special contained the adaptations of "Miss Bokko" by Mikage, "Bribery" by Yusuke Sakamoto, "After-Sales Service" by Kazuo Ebisawa, "Insomnia" by Kazuho Mochizuki, "One Off" by Wataru Ono (Shirogumi Inc.), "Anybody Down There?" by Pantograph, "The Almighty Spy Gadget" by Fujio Tanabe, "The Whisper" by Kazuho Mochizuki, and "Discontent" by Toshiaki Hanzaki.

Studio 4°C had previously animated Hoshi's Kimagure Robot (The Whimsical Robot) science-fiction short story into a series of 10 2-minute television shorts in 2004. Hoshi has been called the "God of Short Shorts" for writing over a thousand short stories in science fiction, comedy, and other genres.


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