10th Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play Reveals 5 More Cast Members in Costume

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All 5 except Takeshi Hayashino are returning from previous stage plays

The staff of the 10th stage play adaptation of Wataru Watanabe's Yowamushi Pedal (Yowapeda) manga, titled Butai Yowamushi Pedal Shin Interhigh-hen ~Start Line~ (Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play: New Interhigh Arc ~Start Line~), revealed visuals of the five additional cast members in costume on Monday. All of the new cast members except for Takeshi Hayashino are returning from previous stage plays. Hayashino played Midōsuji in the live-action drama.

Kousuke Kujirai as Junta Teshima

Ryō Yashima as Hajime Aoyagi

Shinichirō Ueda as Ryūhō Danchiku

Takeshi Hayashino as Akira Midōsuji

Shōgo Amō as Komari Kishigami

The staff revealed the first five cast visuals and a key visual last week. These five cast members are new to their respective roles.

Kotarō Daigo as Sakamichi Onoda

Saku Momose as Shōkichi Naruko

Yūki Eguchi as Issa Kaburagi

Hiroki Tagawa as Kimitaka Koga

Other cast members include:

    Takuya Kawaharada as Tochirō Izumida Keisuke Higashi as Takuto Ashikiba Ryūtarō Akimoto as Yukinari Kuroda Riki Tanimizu as Sangaku Manami Kentarō Kanesaki as Masakiyo Dōbashi Yūta Iiyama as Yūto Shinkai

The following actors will also play "puzzle riders": Yū Ichinose, Ryōta Kakegawa, Chihira Kouno, and Takashi Shigeoka.

The play will open first in Osaka's Orix Theater from February 25-26, and then open at Tokyo Dome City Hall from March 4-12.

The previous installment titled Butai Yowamushi Pedal ~Hakone Gakuen Shinsedai, Shidō~ ran from September 30 to October 3 in Tokyo and October 7-10 in Osaka.

The manga centers around Sakamichi Onoda, an otaku at Sōhoku High School. He loves anime and games so much, that he would ride his commuter bicycle to and from Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district in a 90-kilometer (about 60-mile) round trip over steep slopes after school. Onoda's life changes when he encounters his school's cycling team, and he ends up joining the competitive sport of bicycle racing.

Wataru Watanabe launched the manga in Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine in 2008, and the story inspired two television anime adaptations, and a third season premiered this month. The Spare Bike spinoff manga also received an anime adaptation with a two-week run in theaters last September. The manga has also inspired two anime compilation films, as well as an anime film with an original story, the latter of which opened in August 2015.

The manga's live-action television series adaptation, which contains much of the regular cast for the stage plays, premiered last August. A sequel is slated for this year.

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