Saru Lock Reboot Manga Gets Spinoff 1-Shot

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"Kenny to Gucchi, Soshite Tetsurō" 1-shot debuts in July

The July issue of Shonengahosha's Young King Bull magazine revealed on June 4 that Naoki Serizawa's Saru Lock Reboot manga will have a new spinoff one-shot manga titled "Kenny to Gucchi, Soshite Tetsurō" (Kenny and Gucchi and also Tetsurō) in the magazine's next issue in July.

Serizawa launched the Saru Lock Reboot manga in Shonengahosha's Young King Bull magazine October 2018. Shonengahosha shipped the manga's fourth volume last November. The manga went on hiatus in November when Serizawa launched the Saru Lock spinoff manga Saitō Chronicle - Heaven's Crow Fūun Risshi (Saitō Chronicle - Aiming High in Heaven's Crow). Saru Lock Reboot will resume this summer.

The Saitō Chronicle - Heaven's Crow Fūun Risshi manga neared its climax on June 4. The manga centers on Saitō as a middle schooler before he met Jin and Tetsurō.

The original Saru Lock manga follows Yatarō "Saru" Sarumaru, an ordinary high school boy who daydreams about idols but otherwise has no luck with girls. However, this silver-haired son of a locksmith also happens to be a lockpicking genius, and there is no lock that "Saru" (literally, "monkey") cannot open.

Serizawa launched the original action comedy manga in 2003 and Kodansha published the 22nd and final compiled volume in 2009. The series inspired a live-action film adaptation and live-action television adaptation in 2009.

Serizawa's earlier Biohazard: Marhawa Desire manga launched with a prologue chapter in the inaugural issue of CAPCOM's CapBom! magazine in 2011, and the series ended in 2013. Viz Media published the five-volume manga in North America under the title Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire.

Serizawa is also the monster designer for Yoshitaka Amano's recent Gibiate anime project.

Source: Young King Bull July issue

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