Relax With A Sweet, Endearing Romance - Love Sweets

October 28th, 2021--MangaGamer Releases Love Sweets!

From MOONSTONE, the creators of Princess Evangile and Magical Marriage Lunatics - a fun, school romance known as Love Sweets!

Itsuki enjoyed his school life with his friends, but he's soon left high and dry when he learns they have all found girlfriends over spring break. Determined to score a partner of his own, he lands a part-time job at a cafe where a bunch of cute girls work!

Enjoy a sweet and charming tale of budding romance with a childhood friend, a beautiful honor student, an energetic girl from out of town, a caring upperclassmen, or a little sister in this tale of young love and happy days together.

Available now, only on MangaGamer!

Love Sweets
"I spent my first year at the academy without doing much of anything, and I figured I'd spend the rest of my time here much the same way.

At the end of spring break and the beginning of the new semester, I discovered that all my friends had girlfriends.

I never even got the impression they were dating during school...

According to them, they got girlfriends at their part time jobs.

Just when did I let them pass me by?

I want a girlfriend! But the thing is, I'm not all that proactive.

...No, I have to do something.

At the very least, why don't I try getting a job where there's a bunch of girls?!

The Unattainable Beauty
The Same Old Childhood Friend
The Energetic Younger Girl
The Gentle Older Girl

I've found a job at a cafe employing all types of girls and begun my search for love!

Love Sweets
Developer: Moonstone
Genre: Adventure
Price: $44.95
OS: Windows 7, 8,10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+

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