Short Anime 'Irodorimidori' Reveals Teaser of Episode #1, 'Get the Members!'

Free Smartphone Calendar will be Distributed as a New Year's Gift!

Votive Tablets Praying for Anime's Success to be Offered at Tokyo

IRODORIMIDORI is an original girl band born in SEGA Corporation's rhythm game CHUNITHM
that has spawned an animated video manga detailing their adventures, as well as many original
songs and concerts.

The first episode of their latest short anime adaptation will be broadcast on TOKYO MX & AT-X,
as well as other Japanese TV channels at 1:00 AM on Wednesday, January 5, 2022. A teaser of
the episode, titled “Get the Members!”, is now available, as well as the story synopsis.

In addition, as a New Year's gift, a free smartphone calendar, featuring a different character for
each month, will be distributed.

To commemorate the broadcast of the first episode today, the anime's staff will offer ema, votive
tablets featuring original illustrations by Kaori Gotō, the character designer of the anime, to five
different shrines in and around Tokyo on Tuesday, January 4, and pray for the anime's success.
Further details will be announced on the IRODORIMIDORI official Twitter account, so please
stay tuned!

■ Story:
#1 “Get the Members!”
"If you give an amazing performance at the school festival, you get special extra credit (or so
they say).” Serina believes the famous school rumor and decides to gather members for a band.
However, all the girls she finds are rather “unique”...

■ New Year's Gift Project: Distribution of Free Smartphone Calendars
As a New Year's gift to all "IRODORIMIDORI" fans who have supported the game so far, and to
the many people who will get to know the game in the future, we will be distributing smartphone
calendars for free. Some of the months include the characters' birthdays, so let's celebrate them

To be distributed at:
IRODORIMIDORI Special Anime Website::

■ Special Project to Commemorate the Start of TV Broadcast: ”Get the Success!”

As the first episode of the series will be broadcast on January 5th (Wednesday), votive tablets
drawn by Kaori Gotō, the character designer, will be offered at five shrines in and around Tokyo
on January 4 (Tuesday) to pray that the anime will be a hit.

January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)

(Shrine Locations)
To be revealed on the IRODORIMIDORI official Twitter account on January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)
Official Twitter:

■ Short Anime IRODORIMIDORI – Information Summary
Broadcast starts on January 5, 2022 (Wednesday)!

(TV Channels)
TOKYO MX: Starting from January 5, 2022, every Wednesday from 1 AM
AT-X: Starting from January 6, 2022, every Thursday from 10 PM
Niigata TV 21: Starting from January 21, 2022, every Friday from 2:15 AM
Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting: Starting from January 23, 2022, every Sunday from 2:30 AM

(Online Streaming Services)
Amazon Prime Video, d-AnimeStore, U-NEXT and 16 other platforms scheduled

● Story Introduction:
Maigahara Music College Affiliate School Maigahara Senior High (abbreviated as MaiMai). At
this academy that gathers the most promising musical talents, there's a rumor circulating among
“If you give an amazing performance at the school
festival, you get special extra credit (or so they say).” Serina's grades are
not very good, so she immediately believes the rumor and decides to form a
band! Rehearsals, sleepovers... even cosplay? Everything they can imagine will
become part of their colorful daily life.
But will they really be able to give an amazing
performance and get the rumored credit!? The curtain rises on the story of the
daily, funny lives of these girls!

● Staff:
Original Story: Retasu Shichijo (IOSYS) & Kyabetsu
Saito (SEGA)
Original Character Design: Hisasi
Planning: CHUNITHM
Director: Chihaya Tanaka
Series Composition: Chihaya Tanaka & Rei Ishikura
Character Design: Takeshi Sato & Kaori Gotō
Background Art Director: Wei Si Man (St.PILZ)
Color Designer: Hitomi Ikeda
Director of Photography: Tomoyuki Ishiyama
Editing: Keisuke Yanagi
Sound Director: Hiroki Nishiyama
Music: D.watt (IOSYS)
Design Support: Keita Satō (SEGA)
Animation Production: Utsuki
Animation Studio: Akatsuki
Producers: Jun Koshimizu (SEGA) & Yasuhiro Atobe (Frontwing)
Assistant Producers: Yukiko Uemura (SEGA), Ryuji
Ishizaka (Frontwing) & Yoshiki Kōno (Frontwing) Production & Publicity:
SEGA & Frontwing
Produced by Irodorimidorishinbunbu

● Cast:
Emi Nitta as Akesaka Serina
Ayaka Fukuhara as Ogata Aliciana
Ayano Yamamoto as Tennozu Nazuna
Kaoru Sakura as Kobotoke Nagi
M・A・O as Hakobe Naru

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An original girl band created for and featured in the arcade rhythm game CHUNITHM managed
by SEGA Corporation. Their story has been told in animated manga videos, and they have
released numerous original songs with multiple CD releases, as well as live performances.
Currently their story has entered its second season.

IRODORIMIDORI takes place at Maigahara Music College Affiliate School Maigahara Senior
High (abbreviated as MaiMai). It is at this musical academy that the most
promising musical talents gather, and the story of these girls will unfold.

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SEGA Corporation's rhythm game CHUNITHM, launched in 2015, will be getting a completely
new version on November 4, 2021. Preserving its intuitive gameplay, the game will feature a
plethora of new updates, including monitors supporting 120fps and country-wide battles!
With more than 700 songs and a large cast of diverse characters, you can enjoy playing songs
from a wide array of musical genres! You will not only find pop and anime songs, but also
popular niconico douga tunes and Touhou Project remixes among many others!
* Please note that the 120fps monitors are only available on the Gold Models.

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• Official Twitter:
• maimai&CHUNITHM&O.N.G.E.K.I. Official Twitter:

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