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Episode 10

by Rebecca Silverman,

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It may have taken until the final third of the show, but at last little Dracula is getting to show his stuff. Drac's decision to help the British Army take on Twilight as our heroes are racing through St. Paul's Cathedral is a pivotal one – it frees the others up to continue the search, and it also serves to take out a horde of lesser baddies while saving the strongest fighters for the ultimate evils. But perhaps most importantly, it forces van Helsing to show that he trusts someone – he trained Dracula as a fighter himself, so allowing him to fight villains on his own means that he has to trust both his training and Drac himself. As we see later in the episode, Van's greatest fear, even if he can't admit it to himself, is losing another person he cares about. That's what ultimately stops him from destroying the Orb and why his ability to leave Drac to fight on his own is so significant. Despite himself, Van has learned to care again.

Saint is also stepping up his game in the protection department, albeit simply through increased interaction with the rest of the team. His break with Idea hasn't had any visible consequences yet, although those may be coming next week, but he's able to be more open in his allegiance to Cardia and the rest. In a lot of ways, this episode sidelines both Frankenstein and Impey to pull these realizations off, while generally putting Lupin into “Cardia Protector Mode.” That's not entirely a bad thing, although it doesn't quite fit with Impey's character – wouldn't you think he'd have some device he could whip up to help? That's much more his style, but he mostly just seems to be hanging around here.

This might mean that his strengths are being held in reserve for next week. This episode ends with the return of Captain Nemo and his fabulously insane vocals, so it seems possible that we're going to have a Jules Verne-off in the near future. That could certainly be interesting – while we've already had a reference to Impey's moonship Colombiad, Nemo's now in his signature vessel, The Nautilus, which has already drastically upped the ante with its anti-gravity powers and snaky tentacles. Nemo and Aleister are both ruthless enough to have dropped poison gas on London as they hover above it in a scene that's visually reminiscent of photos of London in WWII (with the gas anticipating WWI), so Impey's brand of innovation may be one of the few hopes left to our heroes. With Van and Lupin injured, Impey and Fran's magical science may have to save the day.

The endgame is well underway now. Cardia's in the (many) hands of her brother, Nemo and Aleister have teamed up, and the doom of London looks all but certain. But Cardia isn't the wilting blossom she was when the series began – she's learned to defend herself, rely on herself, and trust in others. She's already picking up on the root of Finis's devotion to their father and jealousy toward her, so once she gets over the horror that her family kept an exact replica of her original dress to put her back in once they captured her, she may be able to think and feel her way out of this situation. After all, I may have been overthinking the situation last week with Cardia, because there's a much simpler analysis of her name: in Greek, it simply means “heart.”

Rating: B

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