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Mangadon: Your new online manga reading service! Subscribe to read as much as you want!

by Mangadon (Paid Advertisement),

WWWave of America Corp. has recently launched its new service, Mangadon, an online platform that provides unlimited online reading of licensed manga. It's accessible on computers, smartphones, and tablets. By joining the monthly subscription, readers can gain unlimited access to the entirety of Mangadon's catalog.

Monthly Subscription
With Mangadon, readers can access hundreds of chapters for free even without an account, and by creating a free account, you can read even more! But by subscribing to the Mangadon Monthly Subscription, readers can enjoy unlimited reading of the entire catalog!

New Content Every Day!
Mangadon's catalog has more than 400 Japanese manga series translated into French, offering a diverse range of genre, including Teens Love, BL, and Hentai. The platform aims to cater to all readers and expand beyond genre boundaries, offering something for everyone! With new content added daily, readers can look forward to discovering new titles or catching up on the latest chapters!

Official Reading Site
Mangadon has acquired distribution rights to all its content, offering a wide selection of titles published by WWWave Comics. By reading manga on Mangadon, readers can directly support their favorite artists!

Recommended Popular Titles
The following are some of Mangadon's most popular titles:

Title: My Brother's Slipped Inside Me in The Bathtub (FR: Grand frère, je crois que c'est rentré…)
Artist: Kaizuka
Genre: Hentai

Title: Offering My Virginity to a Gangster (FR: J'ai offert ma virginité à un gangster)
Artist: Aki Murakami
Genres: Teens Love/Romance

Title: The Titan's Bride (FR: L'épouse du Titan)
Artist: ITKZ
Genres: Yaoi/Fantasy

Discount Code
To celebrate its launch, Mangadon offers a Special Discount Code, MANGADON05, exclusively available here. By creating a new subscription before May 31st, 2023 (CEST), readers can get 10% OFF their first payment!

Follow Us!
Readers can stay updated with the latest news and interact with Mangadon staff by following Mangadon's official social media accounts:

Twitter Instagram

Mangadon strives to become a site where every type of reader can relax and have a good time with a good title. As a newly launched service, it will continue to expand its catalog with new manga titles and other forms of digital entertainment.

So, get comfy and come find your manga of the day on Mangadon!

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