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INTEREST: Meji-Era Photos Show Nintendo HQ 129 Years Ago

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:00 am Reply with quote
And this is 1 of select Nintendo-related items that is in the Amer. public domain.
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The website map pinpoints the original headquarters location across a side street of Shōmen-dōri, and from what's often called the "original" headquarters, but is an Art Deco office building from 1933 (early Shōwa era), where the front entrance is also flanked by the aforementioned sign and famous "The Nintendo Playing Card Co." one in English. Yet, it's claimed here that the original headquarters, a kyōmachiya, was demolished in 2004, adjacent to the early Shōwa building along Shōmen-dōri.

Looking at the picture, which implies the headquarters consisted of a row of machiya from the signs, either all but the end one demolished in 2004 were previously for the 1933 building, or it's indeed from across the side street, which seemed to have experienced the same fate with most machiya replaced with a bloody parking lot, although a rather dilapidated looking one still stands, which should be historically restored regardless. A lot more efforts have been made by the Japanese government (national and local) since 2004, and frankly many other countries, to protect heritage buildings and structures. Also, with Kyoto's increase in tourism, it would be interesting if Nintendo built a historical museum in the vacant space. It will also stop the Logan Pauls of the world from trespassing on their current private archives in the early Shōwa building. Hell, they even installed some sign warning Nintendo pilgrims about it.

P.S. Fusajiro Yamauchi also bought a suburban residence formerly home to the emperor's doctor, which the family could still own, as Hiroshi Yamauchi lived there until his death in 2013.
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