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UK Premiere: Nichijou 8-11

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:22 pm Reply with quote
No-one ever seems to use these discussion links (and I can't understand why they always end up in the main talkback thread rather than the AoD section), and I tradiionally do my episodic discussion over on the original AoD ( nee Mania nee Fandom Post) but, since I've been out of touch a bit lately I've got a whole block of these to (re-)watch I thought I might as well put some words down. The tiny pause button and lack of keyboard shortcuts here doesn't help though.

Ep 8:
I seem to be seeing Convolvulus flowers in anime fairly commonly of late.
Nano, you shouldn't water the leaves of plants when they are in full sun.
If she wants people to think she's normal she should wear a watch.
...and that doesn't help much.
And one of those "Japanese puns don't translate well" moments. Oh, I get it; in Japanese the pun was on tenki/ten key. The English adaption to Sunpad/Numpad just.. doesn't work. I've not even going to try to figure out the other puns, but the subs do at last make sense.
Is this the first time those girls from the op have bee named? What can Weboshi be a nickname for? The official site says "Ueboshiー" but doesn't give her real name, likewise for Fecchan.
Brick joke.
If this were a doujin, by the time the elevator doors opened they would all be ++LOST CARRIER
Coming from someone who doesn't currently have a dentist but does have toothache: you don't want cavities Nano.

And I need a snooze.

Ep 9:
Mio's sister is trolling again.
And I'm reminded of the fact that the items in the zoomy part of the op all actually appear in the show somewhere.
Men! (bamboo blade flashbacks)
I can foresee them having problems with the birthday song should they ever try to dub this in English.
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