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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:14 am Reply with quote
Murder She wrote:

"We had 2 target audiences in mind, one is the former anime fan, the old-school people who used to watch anime," said Ozaki. "The other were Japanese viewers of American prime-time TV shows. And so that's why I wanted to incorporate other elements into the show, to appeal to them. One thing is that the script had to be well-written, and um, we had elements of comedy and witty dialog, and then we wanted to appeal not just to a Japanese audience but a worldwide audience, so the setting is a Manhattan-like city, and the characters are racially diverse."

That would explain...... some........ things........ Laughing

Murder She wrote:

On the topic of product placement, Macdonald then mentioned that audiences often don't react particularly well to blatant advertising in their entertainment, and asked Ozaki how he managed to work around that expectation. "Yes, that was one concern we had to keep in mind. Because we do know that the audience does have a hard time being connected to a show that's blatantly commercial, and those real-life examples are plenty.

*cough*Bayformers*cough*cough* Laughing

Murder She wrote:

And another question for the audience: who would like to see a live-action version?" Again the crowd erupts. "Sunrise alone can't make a live action version. We need your support to get Hollywood to license it."

Eh, why not? It's already the summer of super hero flicks! Did somebody say: Laughing

(Guess tokusatsu is too campy even for this series?)

Murder She wrote:

Ozaki: Since Tiger & Bunny was to have not just a Japanese development, including Europe and Asia, the idea was to have a corporate sponsorship that was more global in nature. Currently the product placement is a hodgepodge of Japanese corporations as well as global corporations. But in the localization efforts in the future, I hope that we can have more global sponsorship. Especially in the US, that's something we need to work out with Viz.

Pizza Hut! I call dibs on that idea! Laughing
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:32 am Reply with quote
^for who though? (My mind flashed Fire Emblem for an instance) Shocked

Oh on another note, Rock Bison figurarts sold out at amiami already, probably within the span of 1hr or so...
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