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Tsukamoto Tenma's last name(Tsukamoto) and first name(Tenma) are the name of railway stations next to Osaka.

Japanese people pronouce Harry Mackenzie's (a British transfer student in class 2-D) name as Hari-makenji, which sounds the same as Harima Kenji. This is why one of Kenji's friends mistakenly told him that he was placed in 2-D, which resulted in the friend being beat up.

Kentarou Nara, a chracter introduced to us in ep 11, was originally planned to be the main chracter.

Episode 16: Wondering what that sticker Tenma-chan slaps across Yakumo's mouth says? The text is: 問答無用, or "mondoumuyou". This means "no use arguing anymore" or "I'm deaf to your words".

In episode three, when the girls are talking about how to confess, the scene switches to Harima and on the commercial screens, it shows Horie Yui singing the OP of the anime, スクランブル (Scramble).

Episode 6: When Tenma Tsukamoto finds out that the bread she eats is cury bread, two of the sounds which is attached during of her recognition, are from the Star Wars movies (laser blast), and the Hollywood remake of the Godzilla movie (Godzilla's roaring).

An interesting point of interest is that Kobayashi Jin's appearance resembles Harima, who also tends to draw himself into his own manga. These facts cause some fan speculation on how much of Harima is based off of himself.

With episode 26's full Japanese title coming to a total of 187 characters (63 words), it is the longest title in the history of anime so far.

When Harry Mackenzie's first appears he is riding a yellow motorcycle with the kanji for 100 on it. This is very reminiscent to Char's yellow mobile suit Hyaku Shiki which he piloted during his sunglass wearing Zeta Gundam days which also has the same kanji on it's shoulder.

The two schoolgirls that Hanai encounters at the beginning of Episode 21 bear a strong resemblance to the two leads of Pretty Cure, Nagisa and Honoka.

The show is rated TV-MA on the Netflix website, but the app glitches between TV-PG and TV-MA for the show. "Second Semester" is TV-PG on both.

In episode 1, where Tenma chases Karasuma on her bicycle, while at the same time, Kenji chases her on his bike, a Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno similar to the one from Initial D makes a cameo appearance - with some slight differences. Instead of displaying "Fujiwara Tofu Ten," the decal on the door reads "Kobayashi Tofu Ten," and the license plate is different.

In episode 9, Karasuma bears a striking resemblance to M.Bison of the Street Fighter Series (Vega in Japanese version)

In episode 9 again, Harima transforms into a super saiyan when fighting Karasuma (Super Saiyan is a form from DBZ for those who didn't know)

in episode 17 there seems to be a parody of Air tv with the giraffe

In episode 21 at the beginning where Hanai is doing is intensive training with the old man is a direct parody of one Jackie Chan's first movies "Drunken Master" where Jackie's character goes through the same training with an old man as his master.

The train sequence in episode 25 is an parody of the original Galaxy Express 999 series. The line in the song about getting a stronger body is a reference to one of the main plots of Galaxy Express of Testuro wanting to get a mechanical body.

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