Daiakuji - The Return of Daiakuji (Sub.DVD 1 of 7)

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Title: Daiakuji - The Return of Daiakuji
Volume: Sub.DVD 1 / 7
Running time: 55
Distributor: Adult Source Media

Release date: 2004-12-13
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 18+

UPC: 689076229326 689076229326

Yamamoto Akuji noticed that the world is a totally different place after his release from prison. He experiences Osaka as something very new and strange after he got out of prison. During his imprisonment the hierarchal structure flipped upside down making it a world where women dominated over men.

Militia, churches, businesses and private businesses are operated by a female figure. Men were powerless, being controlled and enslaved by the women of Osaka. Being angered by the situation, Akuji and his partner Satsu begin their payback by teaching the stuck-up women in Osaka a little lesson...

Spoken Languages: Japanese Dialogue, English and French Subtitles.

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