Anime Street Meet Up Helps Otaku Get In Touch

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Latest event designed to help prevent fujoshi from being misunderstood.

Otaku often see themselves as misunderstood. Unable to find those that relate to themselves, they can feel ostracized from the rest of the world, and sometimes even take it upon themselves to exist apart from the outside world. Well, the people behind a new event campaign, titled Animachicon, have come up with a way to combat this phenomenon and bring fans of anime, manga, games, and other forms of similar popular media into the light of community.

Animachicon is a multi-event campaign taking place throughout the year that helps otaku get out and meet each other. The campaign began in May with "Animachicon in Akihabara," a meet-up event that took a "speed dating" approach to introducing the community to each other. Participants were split by gender, at which point each male would sit with a female and discuss their interests until time was up. Once that time ran out, they would switch onto another partner and repeat. In all, "Animachicon in Akihabara" had a total of 206 participants, 104 males and 102 females, who came in search of friendship, or even the chance to let true love blossom. The event was so popular that Animachicon is planning on holding a second edition this month.

Of course, Animachicon has also begun expanding their repertoire of events by adding "Animachicon in Ikebukuro" for August 31. Set in the so called "holy land" of fujoshi and boy's love media, this event is designed to help share the true meaning of BL and the fujoshi lifestyle. Participants will be given a questionnaire through which they will evaluate their understanding of what boys love is and what appeal fujoshi find in it. The questionnaires will then be shared in an attempt to help fans better understand each other. Animachicon believes that in this unique setting, fujoshi might even be able to find their ideal boyfriend.

Tickets are available through Animachicon's official webpage. General admission for male particpants is 7,300 yen (about US $71.53) and 3,000 yen for females (about US $29.40). Participants must be between the ages of 20 and 35. All who join are free to spend time in the various shops and locations in the area, as well as enjoy the refreshments provided by Animachicon.

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