Goose House's Anime Covers Will Brighten Up Your Day

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

The seven-piece J-pop music group Goose House loves to have a little fun when they're not attaching fantastic songs To Heart-wrenching anime.

The group's YouTube channel uploads in several bursts of acoustic versions of their various songs. Among them are delightful covers of many different anime songs.

"Sousei no Aquarion" by AKINO (Aquarion)

"Guren no Yumiya" by Linked Horizon (Attack on Titan)

"Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" by supercell (Bakemonogatari)

The members are clearly having a ton of fun jamming to these anime themes. This next video shows the guys of the group giddy while performing the Cutie Honey theme, a song normally performed by women.

"Cutie Honey" by Yoko Maekawa (Cutie Honey)

Meanwhile, three people from the band took the jubilant opening of 1999's magical girl anime Ojamajo Doremi and began their cover with a slow-moving ballad before upping the tempo with its normal bouncy and lighthearted tone.

"Ojamajo Carnivall!!" by MAHO-DO (Ojamajo Doremi)

Even Vocaloid songs aren't safe from the Goose House touch as they perform this single from Hatsune Miku, turning this dance-worthy number into a slower yet emotionally moving cover.

"Tell Your World" by Livetune, performed by Hatsune Miku

The band continues to periodically update their YouTube channel with acoustic performances of their own songs as well as covers of both Japanese and even English songs.

Goose House is known for their hit single "Hikaru Nara", used as the first opening for 2014's Your Lie in April. The song was even featured in the first episode of the anime, listened to by the protagonist, Kōsei Arima.

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