Black Butler Cafe Offers Tasty Treats, Tie-In Goods

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The Tokyo-Q Plaza Harajuku AREA-Q will host a limited Black Butler-themed cafe starting on January 15. The "Black Butler Funtom Cafe" is a restaurant where Ciel Phantomhive serves as manager. The location will offer original drinks, food, and goods and will also screen a special video.

Guests can attend buy purchasing tickets starting on December 18. Ticket costs include a food and souvenir fee. Food choices include the Sebastian Plate (a quiche) or a Ciel Plate (scones) and the souvenirs include a tote bag, chocolate, and place mat. Parfaits, pancakes, chocolate mint tea, and other treats are also available. An additional drink menu will be announced soon.

Sebastian Plate

Ciel Plate


Sebastian Parfait

Ciel Chocolate Drink

Chocolate Mint Tea

Additional souvenirs include cans of tea, dishes, mugs, place mats, aprons, pins, keychains, and clear files.

Canned tea

Paper place mat

Sebastian apron

Button pins

The cafe will run until February 14.

Source: Comic Natalie

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