Space Attendant Aoi Music Video Shows Retro CG Feel

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The musical group Earphones released an animated music video for their new single "Churatachuraha" on Friday. The trio includes voice actresses Rie Takahashi, Marika Kōno, and Yuki Nagaku. The voice actresses serve as the main cast for the Keica and Griot Groove's Anime Tamago entry Space Attendant Aoi (Tatakae! Space Attendant Aoi).

Space Attendant Aoi is listed as a CG title but the anime music video depicts a retro, CG Jetsons feel. It also introduces the flight attendant characters Ray Hua, Lily Cooper, and Aoi Musashino.

The single was written, composed, and arranged by Gesshoku Kaigi (18if). The single will go on sale on July 3.

Space Attendant Aoi and the rest of the Anime Tamago shorts screened at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas in Tokyo on March 9. Kei Yoshimizu (Zumomo to Nupepe) directed the short film. The Anime Tamago site describes the story:

In a future where space travel has been made possible, Cetacea Aviation has begun to employ "space attendants" who are skilled in hand-to-hand fighting due combat hijackers who use their own bodies as weapons. Aoi Musashino is one such space attendant, but is unskilled and even calls herself a "clumsy, awkward, but cute turtle." Another space attendant named Yasaki, who has recently been transferred from local to interstellar flights, gets to know a boy named Laika, who says that his songs bring people misfortune.

Earphones also previously performed the opening theme song for the Akiba's Trip: The Animation television anime.

Source: Animate Times

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