Sister Princess Debuts Karen VTuber for 20th Anniversary

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I'm not sure any anime series better encapsulates the early aughts harem genre than Sister Princess. The first season debuted in 2001 as an adaptation of the light novel and video games by the same name. The anime follows Wataru Minakami (the player's brother in the game) after he is accepted into high school on a mysterious "Promised Island." When he arrives he finds himself face to face with 12 girls claiming to be his little sister.

The girls had a variety of personalities and interests, but only one would make the jump to virtual YouTuber world 20 years later. Staff selected Karen, the talented pianist with a gentle disposition. Karen will make her VTuber debut on the SHOWROOM site and on YouTube on September 23. She will host new programs every Monday following her debut.

Discotek released Sister Princess and Sister Princess: Re Pure on separate Blu-ray Disc sets in 2018. The first season has both English and Japanese audio tracks, while the second season is subtitle-only. Discotek describes the first series:

Wataru Minakami was at the top of his class in middle school and had a pretty comfy life in Tokyo. But, when he unexpectedly fails his only high school entrance exam because of a computer glitch, his life is suddenly thrown into utter chaos! Jeeves, Wataru's trusted butler, sends him off to attend school on a mysterious island. Upon his arrival, Wataru encounters many friendly, cute girls. This isn't a problem until he finds out they are all his sisters! For most kids, adjusting to life at a new school in a different town is tough enough. But for Wataru Minakami, high school will be the easy part!

The 26-episode Sister Princess anime debuted in 2001, and the 13-episode series Sister Princess: Re Pure debuted in 2002. ADV Films licensed and dubbed the first series, but not the second.

Source: Animate Times

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