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Media Blasters Aquisitions

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Referer: Anime News Service

Media Blasters has been updated their Aquisitions Page with these titles, all of which they have obviously aquired for future release.

Jewel Hunter Lime BEM
In the world of demons dwells a cute litte girl named Hunter Lime, whose simple, comic adventures will win the hearts of viewers of all ages. She and her companions seem constantly at wits end, caring for each other and yet never able to honestly express their feelings. And along the way they battle Jewel Bem, a shape changing monster who materializes from everyday items. Produced by Atsuko Nakajima the animator of Ranma 1/2.

An epic Samurai battle with a touching love story.

A teacher must somehow teach a group of bad boys how to straighten out and fly straight. See how Madonna does it in this great comedy.

Maho Tsukai Tai
Several years after the arrival of a massive, unknown vessel from outerspace, life goes on as usual. The invaders even observe earth traffic lights. But now an unlikely group of yougsters have vowed to defeat the aliens...with Magic. Sae is a spirited apprentice who will endure any hardship to be a true sorcerer like her mentor and idol Takakura. Only she must learn to have some faith in herself... An all new animated comedy from the creators of Sailor Moon.

Mezzo Forte
Kurokawa, Harada, and Mikura run a group that will do anything for the right price. They receive a new job offer to kidnap the underworld boss who owns a baseball team. It sounds like an easy enough job so they accept. During the kidnap Mikura get a surprise she wasn't ready for. The job is not as easy as she first thought and she meets someone who will change her life forever. From that man that gave you KITE, comes another film with all the action and twists that made KITE a USA anime mega-hit. Umetsu creates a film that will amaze you with its fine detail for accuracy and its explosive action scenes. Can you imagine a films with 2 SAWAS in it, you do not have to because here it is!!!

Puppet Princess
In the age of chaos, at a time of great upheaval, there was a small country in forgotten realm, ruled by Lord Ayawatari. He was not interested in governing his territory, nor in conflicts between the other warlords, but instead was only creating puppets. Knowing Ayawatari's nature, the evil warlord Sadayoshi Karimata invaded Ayawatari's castle and wiped out his entire family, or so it seemed... With her homeland in ruins, Princess Rangiku, the daughter of Lord Ayawatari the puppet master, is forced to seek out the legendary ninja, Danzo Kato. It is only with his help that she can hope to oppose the evil Karimata, but Danzo's assistance comes at a cost. Together these unlikely heroes must find a way to infiltrate Karimata's castle and restore the mysterious stolen puppet. With the future of her kingdom lying in the balance, the battle of the 'Puppet Princess' is only just beginning!

Twin Signal
Robotics expert Dr. Otoi built Signal to be a powerful companion for his young grandson, Nobuhiko. But an explosion during Signal's programming created an unexpected glitch. Every time Nobuhiko sneezes, Signal changes: first into an adorable baby robot, and then back to a passionate, temperamental adult with another sneeze. One day a pair of bumbling villans sneak in and steal important data about Signal from Dr. Otoi's computer. Soon after, Signal is attacked by one of the doctor's previous creations. Pulse, the prototype for Signal (and in a sense his older brother) has been reprogrammed by Dr. Otoi's mysterious rival, and he's on a mission to steal the most recent robot technology.

Very Private Lesson
Dairaku, Aya's easygoing high school teacher becomes Aya's favorite teacher. To his surprise, her father is an influential member of the Japanese mafia. Aya's father politely asks Dairaku (at gunpoint) to protect his daughter's virginity. Naturally, Aya then moves in with Dairaku. If this risky living arrangement between teacher and student is revealed he will be fired. If he fails to protect the virginity of his new, nubile roommate, his life will be in danger. On top of all that he must deal with dis own desires to be with Aya. Dairaku hopes to protect his position as a teacher and pursue a relationship with his colleague, Ms. Satsuki. Will he survive? Find out in Very Private Lesson from AIC the biggest hits in the USA!!!

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