SPJA Responds to Accusations

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The SPJA has issued an official response to the acusations levied against them. In their response they claim that "there is no truth behind Mr. Tatsugawa's accusations of wrongdoing by the Board."

The entire text of the response can be read below:

Dear SPJA members, staff, partners, and anime fans:

In the last week, the SPJA organization and its Board of Directors have been attacked with malicious and outrageous false statements of fact that grossly defame our organization and the volunteers who sustain it by ex-member, Mike Tatsugawa. These statements, which are outright lies, were calculated to both damage the organization, and to subject the individual directors to contempt, hatred, scorn and harassment.

Many of you have questioned why SPJA has not responded to Mr. Tatsugawa's false and defamatory statements. We consider this an extremely serious matter and did not want to address it by engaging in the same unprofessional and actionable conduct Mr. Tatsugawa undertook to publicize his meritless grievances. Further, as you all know, facts tend to be distorted as they are communicated from person to person. We wanted our response and our position to be clear: there is no truth behind Mr. Tatsugawa's accusations of wrongdoing by the Board. To that end, we have retained the law firm of Levin Intellectual Property Group to defend against Mr. Tatsugawa's accusations and to investigate his conduct and to undertake any and all action permissible under the law to protect SPJA and its members.

We are confident that in a court of law, the evidence will prove contrary Mr. Tatsugawa's allegations of misconduct. We understand that under the law, Mr. Tatsugawa's conduct could constitute, at a minimum, slander, libel per se, invasion of privacy, unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition and misappropriation of confidential information, breach of contract, wrongful interference with business relations, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. SPJA will not hesitate to defend itself, including filing suit against Mr. Tatsugawa, if necessary. In fact, we would welcome the opportunity to present the facts to a judge and jury.

The Board of Directors

Society for Promotion of Japanese Animation

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