Section23 Films Adds Jewel BEM Hunter Lime Anime

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3-part game-based OVA once released by Media Blasters in 2001

North American anime distributor Section23 Films confirmed in its November 2014 release slate on Tuesday that it will release the Jewel BEM Hunter Lime original video anime project. Section23 Films will release the entire three-episode series on one DVD with English dubbing and subititles on November 4.

The 1996-1997 anime adapts Silence's adult computer game of the same name. Sentai Filmworks describes the story:

The Magic Spheres are incredibly dangerous and powerful magical artifacts, capable of absorbing negative emotions and transforming everyday objects into monstrous BEMS (bug eyed monsters). So when a demon manages to scatter six of them through the gate between the World of Magic and Earth, someone's got to get them back. Unfortunately, that job falls to master of disguise (and fan servicey costumes) Lime, the sometimes monstrous and generally lecherous monster hunter Bass and their ooey-gooey shape-shifting slime companion Poogie, none of whom are probably the best choices for a task of such monumental importance and urgency.

On the other hand, the whole situation is sort of their fault to begin with, and while their decision to infiltrate a Japanese High School may seem a bit oddly timed, at least it gets them a new friend in the form of cute but clueless schoolgirl Miyūki! Will this motley band of would be BEM hunters be up to the task of fingering panty stealing pocket purses, pinning down living syringes with nastily pointed agendas and turning up the heat on malevolent candles intent on snuffing out entire cities? The hunt is on in JEWEL BEM HUNTER LIME!

Media Blasters had previously released the anime on DVD and video tape in North America in 2001. The anime was one of the titles that Sentai Filmworks — a company linked to Section23 Films and another corporation that succeeded ADV Films — listed among its licenses in 2008. However, the anime had yet to be reissued in North America until now.

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