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Bakemonogatari's NisiOisin Writes 9 Manga One-Shots in 4 Months

posted on by Emma Hanashiro

This year's 49th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump will announce on Saturday that writer NisiOisin (Bakemonogatari) will write nine Manga ONE-shots in four months in Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump Square, Young Jump, and Bessatsu Margaret. For this project, NisiOisin wrote each story based of the image he associated with a particular word chosen for the one-shot's theme. Each one-shot will have a different manga artist.

The November issue of Shueisha's Jump Square magazine previously announced two of the one-shots. Manga artist Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Bakuman., Hikaru no Go) and NisiOisin are creating the manga "RKD-EK9" based on the word "paradise," while manga creator Akihisa Ikeda (Rosario + Vampire) and NisiOisin are creating the manga "Nan Made Nara Koroseru?" (Until What Will You Keep on Killing?) based off the word "animal." The two manga stories will both have a color opening page as well as art on the cover of Jump Square's December issue, which will ship on November 4.

The seven other Manga ONE-shots are as follows:

    "Musume Iri-Bako" (Girl in a Box)
  • Artist: Akira Akatsuki (Medaka Box)
  • Theme Word: Cardboard box (on a certain rainy day)
  • Release Date: November 1 (Weekly Shonen Jump)
  • "Koi Aru Dōguya" (Love at the Curio Shop)

  • Artist: Aiji Yamakawa (Chocolate Underground, Stand Up!)
  • Theme Word: (Finger) Ring
  • Release Date: December 13 (Bessatsu Margaret)
  • "Bokura wa Zatsu ni wa Manabanai" (We Don't Learn Sloppily)

  • Artist: Mizuki Kawashita (Ichigo 100%)
  • Theme Word: Sweat
  • Release Date: January (Weekly Shonen Jump)
  • "Tomodachi Inai Dōmei" (Friendless Alliance)

  • Artist: Renjuro Kindaichi (Haré+Guu)
  • Theme Word: Conversation Drama
  • Release Date: February (Square Jump)
  • "Dōshitemo Kanaetai Tatta Hitotsu no Negai to Wari to Sōdemonai 99 no Negai" (The only wish I want granted by all means is comparable to 99 wishes)

  • Artist: Hikaru Nakamura (Saint Young Men, Arakawa Under the Bridge)
  • Theme Word: Wish
  • Release Date: January (Young Jump)
  • "Offside wo Oshiete" (Teach me the Offside)

  • Artist: Atsushi Nakayama (Nejimaki Kagyū)
  • Theme Word: Soccer
  • Release Date: December 15 (Weekly Shonen Jump)
  • "Hunger Strike!"

  • Artist: Teppei Fukushima (Samurai Usagi)
  • Theme Word: Hunger
  • Release Date: December 4 (Young Jump)

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