Assassination Classroom's Teacher Videos, 22-Episode Length Posted

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Jun Fukuyama, Tomokazu Sugita star in anime premiering now

Broadcaster Fuji TV began streaming two more promotional videos for the Assassination Classroom TV anime on Friday. The videos profile the teachers Tadaomi Karasuma and Koro-sensei. Fuji Creative also posted on its English website that the anime will be 22 episodes long.

In both videos, Karasuma intones, "I'll be frank. I want you all to kill this monster. In other words, assassination!"

The anime's official Twitter held a countdown all day, showing Koro-sensei travelling in supersonic speeds to locales all over the world.

Nagisa (as voiced by Mai Fuchigami), Kaede (Aya Suzaki), Karma (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Yuma (Ryota Ohsaka), and Hiroto (Shintarō Asanuma) sing the opening theme song, "Seishun Satsubatsu-ron" (Youth Savage Theory) as a group named 3-nen E-gumi Utatan (Class 3-E Song Representatives) in the video.

Viz Media published the first volume of Yusei Matsui's original manga in North America in December. Viz Media describes the story:

A humorous and action-packed story about a class of misfits who are trying to kill their new teacher – an alien octopus with bizarre powers and super strength! The teacher has just destroyed the moon and is threatening to destroy the earth – unless his students can destroy him first. What makes things more complicated is that he's the best teacher they've ever had!

Jun Fukuyama will play Koro-sensei, Tomokazu Sugita will play Tadaomi Karasuma and Shizuka Itou will play Irina Jelavic. Tomokazu Seki, Junichi Suwabe, and Yui Horie played the same characters, respectively, in the earlier event anime special.

The voice cast for Class 3-E includes:

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karuma Akabane
Miho Hino as Sumire Hara
Subaru Kimura as Ryōma Terasaka
Ryota Ohsaka as Yūma Isogai
Eiji Miyashita as Sōsuke Sugaya
Ayaka Suwa as Tōka Yada
Shintarō Asanuma as Hiroto Maehara
Ryo Naitou as Taiga Okajima
Manami Numakura as Rio Nakamura
Kana Ueda as Yuzuki Fuwa
Fuko Saito as Kirara Hazama
Satomi Satou as Yukiko Kanzaki
Chie Matsuura as Megu Kataoka
Takahiro Mizushima as Kōtarō Takebayashi
Shinya Takahashi as Kōki Mimura
Sayuri Yahagi as Manami Okuda
Kouki Harasawa as Takuya Muramatsu
Aya Suzaki as Kaede Kayano
Shunsuke Kawabe as Masayoshi Kimura
Yoshitaka Yamaya as Tomohito Sugino
Yoshiyuki Shimozuma as Taisei Yoshida
Hisako Kanemoto as Hinano Kurahashi
Minami Tanaka as Hinata Okano
Junji Majima as Ryūnosuke Chiba
Shiho Kawaragi as Rinka Hayami
Mai Fuchigami as Nagisa Shiota

Seiji Kishi (Persona 4 The Animation, Danganronpa The Animation, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation) is directing the anime at the studio Lerche. Kazuaki Morita (Persona 4 The Animation, Danganronpa The Animation, Arpeggio of Blue Steel) is designing the characters, and Makoto Uezu (Danganronpa The Animation, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Is This a Zombie?, School Days) is writing the scripts.

Funimation will start its streams of the anime on Friday. The series airs on late Friday nights at 25:20 (effectively Saturday morning at 1:20 a.m.) on Fuji TV, although the first episode is premiering at 26:00 (2:00 a.m.) A live-action film will follow, and a second event anime debuted in November.

Thanks to WTK for the news tip

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