Sony Confirms Future 'High-End' PlayStation 4 with Ultra-HD Support

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Upgraded PS4 to be sold alongside current version at higher price

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House confirmed that his company will offer an upgraded "high-end" version of the PlayStation 4 console with ultra-high-definition 4K support and higher graphics processing power. The new version will be sold alongside the current version, but at a higher, unspecified price. Sony will not unveil the new version, previously codenamed "Neo," at next week's E3 conference, nor has it revealed the new version's launch date.

House explained that Sony is aiming the new high-end version at users with 4K-resolution televisions. He emphasized that all games and the PlayStation VR system will still support the standard version, and that Sony anticipates "all or a very large majority of games will also support the high-end PS4.”

House added that users have become accustomed to a more frequent upgrade schedule, thanks to mobile phones and PCs.

Competitor Microsoft has yet to confirm if it will also offer a upgraded version of its current Xbox One console. However, Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer indicated that his company could offer upgrades in the middle of a console generation's lifespan, instead of waiting for the launch of the next console generation.

Nintendo already announced that it will offer its next-generation platform, codenamed "NX," next March. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima did say in January that the NX will not be the successor for existing game hardware.

Source: Financial Times via NeoGAF, Gematsu

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