Berserk Musou Game's 1st Promo Video Reveals September 21 Release in Japan

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1st edition bonus, screenshots, English promo video revealed for PS4/PS3/PS Vita/PC game

Koei Tecmo Games began streaming the first promotional video for Omega Force's Berserk Musou game on Thursday. The video shows Guts in action, and reveals the game's September 21 release date in Japan.

Koei Tecmo Games' American and European divisions also posted the same trailer in English, but neither feature a release date.

European Version

American Version

Koei Tecmo Games revealed several screenshots for the game on the game's official website.

The game will ship in Japan on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The download and standard physical release of the game for PS4 will retail for 7,800 yen (about US$74), and for PS Vita for 6,800 yen (US$65). The PS3 version will be download only and will retail for 7,800 yen. The game's official website also revealed that the first edition of game will include a code for a special "bathing" costume for Casca.

Other bonuses in Japan vary by retailer, and include costumes for Griffith, Guts, and Schierke, or physical items such as a key holder or microfiber cloth.

Koei Tecmo Europe and Koei Tecmo America have both confirmed a Western release on the PS4, PS Vita, and PC via Steam. Producer Hisashi Koinuma said in an interview at E3 that the company is "looking into" an Xbox One release in America and a Steam release in Japan. Koinuma also said that the game's story will start from the beginning in order to accommodate action game fans who are new to the franchise, and will follow the story up through the story in the upcoming anime.

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