Neko Kikaku CG Anime's Ad Reveals Theme Song, November 30 Screening

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Matsuri Nine. performs "Yūsha Nara" theme song for anime with all-Aichi staff, cast

The Campfire page for Speed Inc.'s Neko Kikaku (Cat Project) anime began streaming a commercial for the anime on Thursday. The teaser previews the anime's theme song "Yūsha Nara" (If You're a Hero) by Matsuri Nine., and also reveals the anime's November 30 theatrical screening at the Midland Square Cinema in Nagoya. The staff also revealed a new poster visual for the anime.

The project page previously indicated a fall theatrical debut in Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka. The project was previously slated for this summer.

Speed Inc. is based in Aichi Prefecture, and all of the staff members either live in Aichi or are from there. Jun Awazu (Planzet and Negadon: The Monster from Mars director and scriptwriter, 3DCG for Children Who Chase Lost Voices) is directing the anime. Yuji Mitsuya is voicing a role in the project and is also serving as sound director.

The project launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for the anime on June 28. The campaign raised a total of 1,559,000 yen (about US$13,700), and ended on September 15.

The cast, who are all originally from Aichi Prefecture, include:

Haruka Tomatsu as Takumi Nekoi, the protagonist who is a carefree NEET.

Akari Kito as Mukumi, Takumi's older sister. She is an author of a dōjin group and the only one making money for the Nekoi household. Although she looks plain, she has another side that Takumi doesn't know about.

Sakura Tange as Yugami. Yugami is also Takumi's older sister in college, but she has chūnibyo syndrome. She is always seen with a plush cat toy.

Sakura Tange as The President. She is president of the "black company" Neko Kikaku, which has a close connection with the disappearing incident affecting Nyagoya City. She has dreadful ambitions, but no one else knows yet what those ambitions are. She acts like a queen.

Yuji Mitsuya as Takumi's father, a lazy person who can't hold down a job. He suddenly receives an email from the Neko Kikaku company, and finds employment there.

The "hyper black comedy" anime takes place in Nyagoya City, a trendy town where cats live. In this peaceful town, many of the cats are suddenly disappearing. The NEET cat Takumi must save his father, who is wrapped up in the incident. The anime will feature the characters speaking in Nagoya dialect, and will feature famous sightseeing spots such as Nagoya Castle.

The staff plan to make the anime into a series in the future.

Sources: Neko Kikaku anime's Campfire page, MoCa News

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