Wasimo Series Gets 1-Hour Anime Special

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Grandmother-model robot Wasimo confonts Wasija in special on March 21

NHK revealed that the series of television anime shorts based on Wasimo, a picture book by screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (The Legend of Kamui, Maiko Haaaan!!!, Zebraman, Ping-Pong, Go) and illustrator Hajime Anzai, is getting a 1-hour special on NHK ETV on March 21 at 9:00 a.m. JST. The special is titled "Wasimo Special: Chikyū no Mirai Sukue! Wasimo vs. Wasija" (Wasimo Special: Save the Earth! Wasimo vs. Wasija."

In the special, a grandfather-model robot named Wasija arrives on Earth from space. Wasija transforms everyone into a robot with mechanical bodies in order to "save the Earth." However, now everyone requires oil for energy. Grandmother-model robot Wasimo confronts Wasija in order to restore everyone to normal.

Rica Matsumoto and Aimi Tanaka reprise their roles as Wasimo and Hiyori, respectively.

The story of Wasimo centers a grandmother-model robot named Wasimo who comes into the family of elementary school girl Hiyori, whose grandma passed away. For his daughter who cried every day, Hiyori's papa built Wasimo. The nostalgic "katakatakata" sound Wasimo makes when it walks comes from the same false teeth that Hiyori's grandma had. Wasimo walks faster than a snail, but slower than an excited snail. Still, Wasimo can actually run faster than a speeding bullet train. The story follows this strange Wasimo as it meets all sorts of people and has all sorts of experiences.

The first 10 10-minute shorts aired in March 2014. The series has since continued with new seasons every year.

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