Time Is Running Out To Register for Alcon! Make Sure You Register Now at http://www.alcon.org.uk/register.php Before All the Places are Taken!

Alcon is a fun and friendly 16+ age-range anime convention running from Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th September 2011 at De Montfort University in Leicester. It is an 800-person event and costs just £30 total for all four days. It runs from 10am through to 2am each day, giving an action-packed day! Accommodation is available within five minutes walk for just £25 a night.

Voice Actress Caitlin Glass, best known for the role of Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist amongst almost a hundred anime roles, shall be attending alongside fellow voice-actress Tia Ballard, who has played Mizore Shirayuki in Rosario + Vampire as well as roles in many other anime. They will be joined by a lot of other guests including Canadian cosplay guests Twinfools and Nova, J-Culture specialist Akemi Solloway, famous Cosplayer Tab Kimpton, retro-gaming music singer Zonic, violinist Masakun, chiptunist Chipzel, band Unshin, and many more besides!

Alcon will have everything from an anime night-club, a lot of exhibitors to buy anime goodies from, screenings of the latest anime, an anime bar, artists alley, cosplay cafe, DDRing, a Cosplay Hangout, roleplaying, Card Gaming, late night movies, anime karaoke, parties, live music and much much more. It's a four day event and all for just £30. On site accommodation at just £25 a night is also available. You can go check it out and register for the event at http://www.alcon.org.uk/

With the AMV Disco, Rock Night, Masquerade Ball, Glowstick Rave, J-Rave, J-Pop Night, Video Game Party and Final Countdown, there's over TWENTY HOURS (wow) of partying mayhem to be had in the evenings! Also, with our bar and parties going on till getting on 2:30am it's going to be beyond epic!


We have over FIFTY events planned over the four-days. To name a few -

- Not one, but TWO Parties every night with big-name Anime DJs! - Japanese Culture Talks - Cosplay and manga workshops - Cosplay Masquerade - Pub Quiz (£50 prize to the winning team!) - Cosplay Auction - DDR Tournament - Anime Karaoke - Over a dozen Video Gaming tournaments with prizes (including Street Fighter IV) - Yaoi/Yuri/Hentai panels - Yu Gi Oh Tournaments - Cosplay Picnics with free food and drink - Live Music & Bands to attend



Website: http://www.alcon.org.uk/

Email: [email protected]

Location: De Montfort University, Leicester

Dates: 8th-11th September 2011

Price: Just £30 for all four days. Accommodation £25/night on-site.

You must register and pay beforehand to attend. Guarantee Your Place And Go Register Now!

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