Smartphone Game, "Mass for the Dead," based on "Overlord" Anime and Novels Hit 400,000 Pre-Registrations

First Key Visual & Story revealed! Additional achievement rewards&Gorgeous voice actors autographs for 78
people campaign has started!

Tokyo, November 8, 2018 - Exys Inc. announces that its smartphone game, “MASS FOR THE DEAD”, based on “OVERLORD” anime and novels has already hit 400,000 pre-registrations. All users will receive a present of 500 chaos stones to use in the game!

Teaser site:

■First Key Visual & Story revealed!
First key visual and original story overview of "MASS FOR THE DEAD" has been released!!
For details, check the game official website!
Game Official Site:

■Release schedule change announcement
This game was originally schedule to be released on 2018 but we inform you that the schedule has been changed to early 2019. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, our customers, and everyone involved in it. We will share latest information regarding the game release date on the official website and Twitter.

■Additional achievement rewards announcement
MASS FOR THE DEAD is running a campaign where registered users will receive chaos stones,
depending on the number of pre-registrations. Since we have passed our goal of 400,000 pre-registrations, we have
set new goals!

・400,000 goal: 500 chaos stones(Play Gacha 10 times)
・500,000 goal: 600 chaos stones(Play Gacha 12 times)
・600,000 goal: 700 chaos stones(Play Gacha 14 times)
・700,000 goal: 800 chaos stones(Play Gacha 16 times)
・800,000 goal: 900 chaos stones(Play Gacha 18 times)
・900,000 goal: 1,000 chaos stones(Play Gacha 20 times)
■ Gorgeous!3rd Twitter campaign has started!

3rd Twitter campaign started on November 5 th !
In this campaign, 78 people can win autographs of their favorite gorgeous voice actor, so please join us.
1. Follow the game official Ttwitter account(@Overlord_ch)
2. Post a tweet with the name of the voice actor you want to get the autograph and the hashtag!
3 people will be selected from each voice actor name!

【Sign color paper (listed in) no particular order】
・ 上坂すみれ (#オバマス_シャルティア)
・ 宮野真守 (#オバマス_パンドラ)
・ 千葉繁 (#オバマス_セバス)
・ 五十嵐裕美 (#オバマス_ユリ)
・ 小松未可子 (#オバマス_ルプス)
・ 沼倉愛美 (#オバマス_ナーべ)
・ 佐倉綾音 (#オバマス_ソリュシャン)
・ 真堂圭 (#オバマス_エントマ)
・ 瀬戸麻沙美 (#オバマス_シズ)
・ 渡辺明乃 (#オバマス_ハムスケ)
・ 安野希世乃 (#オバマス_ラナー)
・ 逢坂良太 (#オバマス_クライム)
・ 稲葉実 (#オバマス_カジット)
・ 子安武人 (#オバマス_ニグン)
・ 白熊寛嗣 (#オバマス_ガゼフ)
・ 悠木碧 (#オバマス_クレマン)
・ 遊佐浩二 (#オバマス_ブレイン)
・ 小清水亜美 (#オバマス_ラキュース)
・ 斉藤貴美子 (#オバマス_ガガ―ラン)
・ 花守ゆみり (#オバマス_イビルアイ)
・ 伊原正明 (#オバマス_メッセンジャー)
・ 浜添伸也 (#オバマス_イグヴァ)
・ 石上静香/富田美憂 (#オバマス_ティアティナ
・ 高野麻里佳/M・A・O (#オバマス_ネムエンリ)
・ 田村睦心/興津和幸/花江夏樹/竹内良太 (#オバマス_漆黒の剣)
・ 東地宏樹/雨宮天/石井康嗣/浅科准平/楠見尚己/櫻井トオル(#オバマス_リザードマン)

【Campaign period】
November 5, 2018~Game release date

■Game Info
Genre: Dark fantasy RPG
Release date:Beginning of 2019
OS: iOS/Android
Price: Free (Offers In-App Purchases)
Official Site:
Official Twitter:
(C)丸山くがね / KADOKAWA刊 / オーバーロード製作委員会

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