Anime Expo's Voice Cast Auditions for Japanese TV Anime Series Shikizakura

“SHIKIZAKURA” is the first-ever TV animation series with 12 episodes created in the Tokai region of Central Japan. The animated series is scheduled to be on-air in 2020.


Japanese TV anime series “SHIKIZAKURA” will have voice cast auditions for an English-speaking role at ANIME EXPO (AX) in July 2019. This is your chance to become a cast member of a Japanese anime.

The winner will be invited to Japan for the voice dubbing, and more!

◆QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Actors must meet all of the items below:

1) Must be ages over 18 and living in the United States.

2) If selected after First Round, must be able to attend both audition dates at AX19 (Second round: July 4, Final round: July 6).

3) Must be able to travel for three nights and five days to Japan in fall 2019.

(Details will be confirmed after the winner is selected.)

4) Must have an AX19 Badge to attend the audition.

April 22 - May 22, until 5pm (PDT)


1. Upload a video* on YouTube with #AX_Audition_2019 including all of the items below.

A) Self-introduction.

B) Acting on “happiness”, such as being able to visit Japan or meeting your famous celebrity.

C) Acting on “fear”, such as freaking out after encountering an odd-looking villain.

D) Acting on your free setting.

*Each item needs to be within 30 seconds, in total no more than 2 minutes.

*All item needs to be in a single video.

*The brief character setting is an anime fan who loves Japanese anime and comes to Aichi-Prefecture in JAPAN.

2. Fill out the form with accurate information from the website below;

Voice Quality: 30%, Acting: 30%, Applicant's Individuality: 40%

Date of Travel: Fall 2019 (Confirmed after winner's selection)
Days: 3 nights and 5 days

Privilege 1: Anime dubbing in Japan
Privilege 2: Round-trip economy class flight ticket from LA to Nagoya and accommodation fee for a single person
Privilege 3: Touring within Aichi prefecture (scheduled to include the locations featured in SHIKIZAKURA)

The email will be sent out to those who passed the screening by June 14.

Virtual YouTuber MIYA KIMINO will be joining as a judge!
Director: Shinya Sugai (SUBLIMATION)
Sound Director: Takumi Saito (SUBLIMATION)
Virtual YouTuber MIYA KIMINO, and more.

The production company of the “SHIKIZAKURA” series, known for their 3DCG works such as “Love Live!” series, “Tokyo Ghoul” series, “Psycho-Pass” series, “GHOST IN THE SHELL: ARISE” series and “EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO.”

■“SHIKIZAKURA” Production Committee
CHUKYO TV. BROADCASTING CO.,LTD. (President :Nobuo Komatsu)
Sublimation Inc. (CEO:Atsushi Koishikawa)
tamakoshi Co.,Ltd. (CEO:Kodo Takagi)
Nakanihon KOGYO Co.,Ltd. (CEO:Toru Hattori)
K&K DESIGN CO., LTD. (CEO:Shuji Kikkawa)

TV series 12 episodes: 30 minutes length
Genre: Near-Future Science Fiction Action Drama
Animation Technique: Hybrid (2D & 3DCG)
Production Studio: SUBLIMATION
Director: Shinya Sugai
Character Design: K&K Design
Completion Date: 2020
Official Site:

Date: July 4 - 7, 2019
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center
Organizer:Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA)
* ANIME EXPO is the largest North American anime convention gathering more than 350,000 people every year.
Official Site:

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She is MANEKI-NEKO(beckoning cat)who descended on earth to share Japanese culture with the world and acts as a bridge between Japan and other countries to bring prosperity to the world.

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