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Join the Pac - Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Album - to Release Worldwide on October 28

JOIN THE PAC - PAC-MAN 40th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM -, a compilation album to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world-famous Japanese character PAC-MAN (PAC-MANTM&©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.), is set for release on October 28, 2020.

PAC-MAN was first released as an arcade game in 1980 by namco (now Bandai Namco Entertainment). It holds the Guinness Book of Records title for “the most successful coin-operated arcade game,” and the character is still recognized and loved by people around the world today. To commemorate the game's 40th anniversary in 2020, various projects are being carried out under the theme “JOIN THE PAC.”

Disc 1 of this compilation album contains Ken Ishii's “JOIN THE PAC,” the official theme song for the PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary, as well as a music video directed by Yuichi Kodama, a video director who has won the three biggest advertising awards in the world.
In addition, it contains a range of brand new PAC-MAN themed songs by domestic and international artists such as Buffalo Daughter, PASOCOM MUSIC CLUB, sasakure.UK, Takeshi Nakatsuka, and DiAN (Saku, a-bee, immi). Scha Dara Parr and Towa Tei's 30th anniversary songs have also been included. There is also a cover of “PAC-MAN Fever” by DiAN. This song was originally released by Buckner & Garcia, an American musical duo from Ohio, USA, in 1982 in response to the PAC-MAN craze at the time. It reached #9 on US charts and has sold 2.5 million copies to date.
Disc 1 was mastered by Yoshinori Sunahara, a former member of Denki Groove who is both an artist and a skilled audio engineer.

Disc 2 contains 82 original recordings from the arcade versions of PAC-MAN, SUPER PAC-MAN, PAC & PAL, and PACMANIA as bonus tracks. This includes both the Japanese and overseas soundsets and sound test files from PACMANIA. This is the first time that these songs and sound effects have been released as a CD. In the booklet, you can find lists of the songs and composers for the Japanese and overseas versions.

The bonus booklet includes a contribution from gaming writer Rolling Uchizawa, who has penned a
history of PAC-MAN's journey from birth to becoming a beloved character around the world.

The album cover was designed by the Designers RepublicTM, who are known for their artwork for Warp Records and Aphex Twin, among others. Famous artists from around the world have “joined the PAC” to bring you the greatest music for PAC-MAN's 40th anniversary!

[Disc 1] Artists
Ken IshiiJOIN THE PAC” (Official Theme Song for PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary)
Ken Ishii “The World of PAC-MAN” (Official Theme Song for PAC-MAN CHALLENGE: Original Mix)
Ken Ishii “Infiltrate The PAC”
・Buffalo Daughter “Dots In The Maze”
・sasakure.UK “PAC-MAN NEVA PAX!!”
Takeshi Nakatsuka “Ladies and PAC-MAN”
・DiAN (Saku, a-bee, immi) feat. J-Fever “TAOTIE”
・DiAN (Saku, a-bee, immi) feat. J-Fever “PAC-MAN Fever” (cover)
Towa Tei “PAC IS BACK!”
Scha Dara Parr feat. Robochu & Kaseki Cider “Warp Tunnel”

[Disc 2] Bonus Tracks
・All 82 sounds from:
・Arcade Edition: PAC-MAN
・Arcade Edition: SUPER PAC-MAN
・Arcade Edition: PAC & PAL
・Arcade Edition: PACMANIA

[Product information]
Release date: October 28, 2020
Price: ¥3,000 (excluding tax)
Specifications: CD 2 Discs / Jewel Case / Booklet

Sales Website Links
Tokyo Otaku Mode: ​https://otakumode.com/fb/gGw
Iam8bit Asia:
U/M/A/A store: ​https://www.umaastore.com/items/5f477945791d025cf9b6705a
Streaming Sites: ​https://linkco.re/MmauNbu7?lang=en

PAC-MAN TM & ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Ken Ishii / JOIN THE PAC (Original Mix - Official Theme Song for PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary)
・sasakure.UK / PAC-MAN NEVA PAX!!
Takeshi Nakatsuka / Ladies and PAC-MAN
・Buffalo Daughter / Dots In The Maze
・DiAN (Saku, a-bee, immi) / TAOTIE feat. J-Fever
・DiAN (Saku, a-bee, immi) / PAC-MAN Fever
Scha Dara Parr / WARP TUNNEL
Ken Ishii / Infiltrate The PAC
Ken Ishii / The World of PAC-MAN (Original mix - Official Theme Song for PAC-MAN CHALLENGE)

01. Credit Sound
02. Start Music
03. PAC-MAN: Eating The Pac-dots
04. PAC-MAN: Turning The Corner While Eating The Pac-dots
05. Extend Sound
06. Ghost: Normal Move
07. Ghost: Spurt Move #1
08. Ghost: Spurt Move #2
09. Ghost: Spurt Move #3
10. Ghost: Spurt Move #4
11. PAC-MAN: Eating The Fruit
12. Ghost: Turn to Blue
13. PAC-MAN: Eating The Ghost
14. Ghost: Return to Home
15. Fail
16. Coffee Break Music
17. Game Play
18. Credit Sound
19. Start Music
20. Round Clear
21. Coffee Break Music
22. Bonus Stage
23. Extend Sound
24. Fail
25. Game Over
26. Name Entry: 1st Place
27. Name Entry: 2nd - 5th Place
28. Ghost: Normal Move
29. Ghost: Spurt Move #1
30. Ghost: Spurt Move #2
31. Ghost: Turn To Blue
32. PAC-MAN: Eating The Target
33. PAC-MAN: Eating The Super Power Pellet
34. PAC-MAN: Eating The Key
35. PAC-MAN: Eating The Ghost
36. PAC-MAN: Eating The Wall
37. Lucky Target: Slot Machine
38. Slot Machine: Score Acquisition Sound
39. Slot Machine: High Score Acquisition Sound
40. Additional Bonus Point
41. Credit Sound
42. Start Music
43. Main Music
44. Rest Time Music
45. Extend Sound
46. Fail
47. Game Over
48. Name Entry: 1st Place
49. Name Entry: 2nd - 5th Place
50. PAC-MAN: Flip The Card
51. PAC-MAN: Eating The Target
52. PAC-MAN: Eating The Special Target
53. PAC-MAN: Power Loss Warning
54. Miru: Getting The Target
55. Tractor Beam Attack
56. Smoke Screen Attack
57. Sound Shower Attack
58. Ice Attack
59. PAC-MAN Attack
60. Ghost: Speed Down
61. Bonus Point
62. Rest Time: Miru Appearance
63. Rest Time: Ghost Appearance
64. Credit Sound
65. Start Button Waiting Sound
66. Game Start
67. Block Town (Japan Version)
68. Block Town (Overseas Version)
69. Coffee Break 1
70. Pacman's Park (Japan Version)
71. Pacman's Park (Overseas Version)
72. Coffee Break 2
73. Sandbox Land
74. Coffee Break 3 (Japan Version)
75. Coffee Break 3 (Overseas Version)
76. Jungly Steps
77. All Clear
78. Congratulations
79. Fail
80. Game Over
81. Name Entry (Overseas Version)
82. Speaker Check

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