Uber Rare Eldrich Cat(?) “Furiluga” Joins The Battle Cats

A new unearthly Uber Rare cat-creature joins the Nekoluga clan, the weirdest heroes found in PONOS Corporation's hit tower defense strategy app. Starting November 26th, 2021 at 11:00am, players can unlock the bizarre being known as Furiluga as a mighty Uber Rare ally for their weirdly cute Cat Army!

A mysterious felinoid lifeform suddenly appears in our world from Catgod knows-where to join the rest of the unearthly Nekoluga clan… this time with a fiery fury that obliterates Alien Barriers and pierces Aku Shields, making even the most durable enemies a snap to defeat!

By visiting The Battle Cats' Rare Capsule machine between November 26th (11:00am) and November 29th, 2021 (10:59am), players can get a chance to recruit Furiluga from the Tales of the Nekoluga set, with the special offer of a guaranteed Uber Rare hero in every 11-capsule draw!


Based in Kyoto, Japan, PONOS Corporation has been producing games since 1990, committed to exceeding the expectations of players of all ages with creative, quirky concepts built upon solid gameplay foundations. PONOS is now focused on mobile app development and publishing, with flagship title The Battle Cats having gained over 60 million downloads worldwide.


Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS 10.0, Android OS 5.0

Homepage: https://battlecats.club/en/series/battlecats/

Download for iOS & Android: https://app.adjust.com/8o08kyk

Copyright ©PONOS Corp.

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