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Summer Sunfest Returns to The Battle Cats

Get ready for special stages, awesome events and limited rewards during the Battle Cats' Summer Sunfest campaign! The sun is out and the Cats are ready to soak in some rays and beat the heat, starting June 17, 2024 at 11:00 am and lasting until July 15th at 10:59am!

During this event, the Cat Scratcher Lottery offers players a chance at bonus Cat Food rewards every week, no strings attached! Players can get their claws on Cat Scratcher cards from the nice old kitty at the corner store and use them to collect a prize of free Cat Food once each week between the times below:
The Cat Scratcher Lottery will be available once each week at the times below:

June 17 (11:00) until June 23 (23:59)
June 24 (11:00) until June 30 (23:59)
July 1 (11:00) until July 7 (23:59)
July 8 (11:00) until July 15 (10:59)

More special events are available throughout the campaign, including…

Daily login gifts: Boot up the Battle Cats app and collect a reward of 20 Cat Food each day of the campaign, and up to 14 Cat Tickets from login stamps! Don't miss a day and maximize your rewards!

Duel Stages: Deploy just one Cat at a time against the single big boss who stands between you and victory! Think carefully before you choose who'll defend the honor of your Cat Army!

Tag Arena Challenges: Two-on-two combat challenges in an enclosed arena, and with only one team leaving victorious!

Cyclone Stages: Get ready to ride out vicious storms as your Cats try to withstand the fury of nature! Earn victory in any Cyclone stage for a chance to unlock limited edition Cats and collect awesome items!

Plus, Monthly Awakened Stages, Deadly Carnival stages, Ticket, XP and Treasure Festival Events! Keep your eyes on the in-app info pages in The Battle Cats for announcements about MORE events happening throughout Summer Sunfest!

Based in Kyoto, Japan, PONOS Corporation has been producing games since 1990, committed to exceeding the expectations of players of all ages with creative, quirky concepts built upon solid gameplay foundations. PONOS is now focused on mobile app development and publishing, with flagship title The Battle Cats having earned over 90 million downloads worldwide.


Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense
OS Requirements: iOS 12.0, Android OS 5.0
Homepage: https://battlecats.club/en/series/battlecats/
Download for iOS & Android: https://app.adjust.com/8o08kyk
Copyright ©PONOS Corp.

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