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Your Top 10 / Worst 5 things. Why? (w/ index).

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PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 10:25 am Reply with quote
Nagisa wrote:
Cheesemon wrote:
I never get tired of this question. Hm, off the top of my head . .


Way to not read the rules. Rolling Eyes

Ah, crap sorry. I was in a hurry to leave for the post office (taxes!) and made that quickie post. I did read most of the thread, but from back-to-front so missed the rules. I'll edit the post once I get back from my roadtrip tomorrow. Smile

EDIT: Done. ^^;
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PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 4:14 am Reply with quote
I don't like providing numeric order. The numbers often seem to prioritize a specific order, when in fact I don't really have a set order. But I do at least have a top ten.

-Cowboy Bebop: Easy to follow plot and character quirks that can often make up for a lack of true character dynamic. The action blends well with the thoughtfulness, and the Yoko Kanno score is divine

-Samurai Champloo: Champloo is the sunset shadow of Cowboy Bebop (meaning that is stands tall in comparison). I can appreciate the anochronism as well as the hip hop style.

-Perfect Blue: This anime was my introduction to the sheer brilliance of Saotoshi Kon's directorial skill. This is the best mind screw/psychological thriller that I have seen.

-Sakura Diaries: Crude incest related storyline aside, this anime was the first comedic anime that I have ever watched. I still love it, and find it absolutely hilarious.

-Chobits: Yeah...say what you will about it being for girls. I don't mind the cuteness of the series. It is an endearing tale of modern moral doesn't hurt that it is so damn funny either

-Ninja Scroll: Yep, i'm a sell out. I said it. Ninja Scroll is still one of the best animes out there. The story is solid and the action is consitent. This anime will stand the test of time.

-Berserk: This is perhaps the most well crafted tale I have ever seen in anime. The characters are all given so much life, that you can't help but pity their fate.

-Ranma 1/2: This is the first long term series that I jumped into. To this day, I prefer the english dub, only because i've heard it for so many years. This one is mostly a nostalgia pick.

-One Piece: Long series tend to bore and annoy me. But the characters in One Piece are very amiable, and thus makes it easy to want to follow their story's

-The Guyver: The closest thing the east has to a traditional western super hero, since Kamen Rider and Zayu Rangers. The story is convoluted, but the action is consitent.

Now we move onto my 5 worst anime ever

-Genocyber: This anime is absolute incomphrensible garbage. Essentially you have a little girl who is some biomecha that seems to constantly go on the warpath. The enemies she battles are enigmatic. Her reasons for existing are vauge. The series is short but even then, it is too many episodes to endure.

-A.D. Police: The spin off to Bubble Gum Crisis, that focuses on the robots and the police department. I can understand the pscyhological approach that is taken with the series, but it is just boring.

-Tekken: Tekken was a poor anime translation of a great game. Enough said...

-Akira: Now everybody shall erect an ephagy and burn it, because I dared to say Akira is terrible. The whole deity complex thing just never won me over. The surrealism was nice, but beyond that I found Akira to be a boring affair.

-Blood the Last Vampire: Though the immediate story was resolved (Vampires at the high school)...the broader story was just left there without resolve. This made me quickly detest this film, despite its amazing production values.
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PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2005 7:58 pm Reply with quote
10. Gundam X- I've only seen 16 episodes of it, but I thought it was awesome. One of the main reasons I like Gundam X is because it's not part of the U.C.(Universal Century) timeline. I also like the satelitte cannon.

9. Blue Seed- When I saw it on Encore WAM in 2002, I got hooked on it right away. I love the comedy, action, and opening theme to Blue Seed.

8. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040- I really liked BGCT 2040 and one of the people hoping for BGCT 2041. The mecha designs, story, action, and chicks got me hooked on this anime.

7. G Gundam- Very first Gundam I've ever liked and is the most originally out of all the Gundams.

6. Cowboy Bebop- An Adult Swim classic, everything is good about Cowboy Bebop. Music, animation, story, and the final two episodes.

5. Chr(o)no Crusade- Wow..whhen I saw this earlier this year, I fell in love with Chrno Crusade. The old professor being a pervert is funny. Would have been better if Chrno would have transformed more.

4. Outlaw Star- Awesome anime..has my favorite character Gene Starwind in it. I love the Caster Gun, episode 23 which is the hot springs episode, and the action. Awesome opening theme song too.

3. Elfen Lied- WOW! A lot of blood, gore, and boobs. Besides that, I really enjoyed the story and the background episodes later in series. The OAV was good too.

2. Love Hina + OAV- Got hooked from the start. Funniest anime I've seen in a long time..and I love all the situations Keitaro got in. I also recommend the manga, since it's more in depth.

1. Vandread + 2nd Stage- Great anime. Awesome songs in there too. I love the animation that GONZO did with Vandread. Mecha battles were great along with the combining of Vanguards and Dreads. I recommend this to anyone...and I hope Starz shows it again.

I ain't even bothering with worst 5.
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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 4:39 pm Reply with quote
My first Post! Laughing

Samurai X (TV + OAV) - My favorite anime!Well-developed characters especially the lovable Kenshin Himura,best anime fights i have ever seen,great story and the unspoken love between Kenshin and Kauro really made me LOVE this anime Smile

Vision of Escaflowne - just beautiful .. characters, story,music .. just beautiful.

GTO - most crazy,hilarious anime! Onizuka is the greatest! GTO made me wanna go back to my high school days.So Fun!

Yu Yu Hakusho - first anime I watched and made me love the anime genre.

Samurai 7 - recent addition to my favorites.I'm fascinated with samurais and 7 of them together surely interested me;different individuals gathered for one purpose.great story and amazing fight scenes.

Getbackers - i dont know! just love the characters especially Ban,Ginji and Kadsuki! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2005 11:07 pm Reply with quote
well, might as well post something here... anyway...

I have no other way to go about this, so I'll just put it Shoujo first, everything else after

So, my favorite series...

1. Princess Tutu

-Incredible writing and lovable characters... strong character developement and one HELL of an ending... this is simply my favorite of all... now if ADV would only release the rest of it *har har har har*

I've never read the Grimm Brothers stuff, but this is a nice introduction to it... the ballet incorporated into the fight choreography is wonderful too

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

-This is pretty muh the FIRST show that I literally fell in love with, it was just so cute and so much fun... it's impossible to NOT like... well, unless you're not into that kind of thing of course... or cold hearted Razz

3. Fruits Basket

-I'm a fan of the manga, and I'm a fan of the director... you can't go wrong when the two meet Very Happy ... I'll probably really like KODOCHA when I finally get to see it later when it's released *yay*

4. Full moon wo Sagashite

-It's a pretty emotional ride with this one, I never got to finish it though, but I hope it comes out here so I can...

5. Magic User's Club *all of it*
-I'm a Junichi Satou fan, so this is expected... I would probably like his other works if I ever get down to seeing them... I'm not a big fan of Junkers though *don't hurt me*

6. Paranoia Agent

-BRILLIANT Pshycological insight into how people would deal with the stress created by our every day life and our societies current level of technology

I cannot BELIEVE that this came from Kon's unused ideas... this is an incredible show *still need the last DVD, but I already have a vague idea what the ending will revolve around... I'm PRETTY sure I'm correct at my guess since the series is incredibly polished and well directed... Kon leaves all these cool clues around

that's its most appealing aspect I guess, regardless of it's confusing nature, everything can be explained with LOGIC and SCIENCE or simply through general observation

7. Now and then Here and there

-Daichi just simply kicks ass, this is proof of that... I found this to be a very emotionally charged series that deals with a pretty touchy subject... it's characters are so very memorable and believable... the use of symbolisms is great too and aren't too hard to spot *since they aren't super abstract or anything*

8. Gungrave

- It's like a sci-fi version of THE GODFATHER, and of course, I really enjoy the idea

the character developement it also quite meticulous, you can clearly explain why a character was compelled to do this, or why he chose to do that... I thought that it was really well done

I don't like the game though Razz

9. Texhnolyze

-A VERY surreal and interesting experience that revolves around human survival in a world gone wrong

the power struggle of it's people and the things they choose to believe in...

the efforts of those who want to prolong their existence and sanity... is it a hopeless struggle? Should we keep going forward regardless?

does the answer to it all reside in a piece of technology whose TRUE purpose and intention is shroudded in mystery? *and has a fancy name*

anyway, the art and animation is also REALLY great, I haven't seen anything that looks like this show... and so far, this has been the best use of ABe's glorious character designs *well, this and HAIBANE, but I'd have to say that in terms of art, Haibane doesn't stack up... but that's just me of course... for the record, I also like Haibane Renmei... don't get me wrong*

10. Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone complex

-I enjoy GHOST IN THE SHELL as a whole, so it's natural that the TV series would be in my favorites list

The portrayal of the future in this series is AMAZING, it feels incredibly believable and the technology and how it's portrayed is VERY VERY practical...

hell, I want a cyber brain now

er... it was a hard choice between GITS and Texhnolyze... I undestand GITS a lot better, but then me being a Madhouse fanboy is getting in the way... oh well

... hell, HALF OF MY LIST are Madhouse shows... I can't help myself I guess Wink

so my LEAST favorite stuff is... well, legitimately bad stuff I believe... but mainly for production reasons I guess...

- GUNDRESS... MAN this was an UGLY ass movie... at least I know where the Heavy Armor in GITS:SAC come from... well... it looks that way anyway since MASAMUNE did do the character designs and I don't specifically remember them in either GITS manga... oh right, topic

- Wrath of the Ninja... it was lame... it was very lame...

-Sin... it was also lame

that's all I can think about right now
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PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2005 12:57 pm Reply with quote
I would have to say my 10 favorite would be:

Naruto- Has good fighting and a good story. I can never get tired of watching Naruto.

Cowboy Bebop- Very good space anime. Characters are believable and the plot is very good.

Gungrave- Similar to Cowboy Bebop (though not set in space). This is the story of two boys trying to make it to the top of a crime syndicate after they've lost everything but each other.

Trigun- One man, Vash the Stampede, is on a quest to rid the world of evil, while trying not to kill anyone.

Hellsing- I liked Hellsing because the fights were cool. I think anyone would like this show.

GoldenBoy- One of the funniest shows I've seen. Kintaro Ohei (don't know how to spell it) is a 25 year old who is trying to learn everything about life. With his bike and his journal, Kintaro goes around Japan doing odd jobs and getting into trouble.

Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex- Public Security Section 9 is a group of counter terrorist in a world where people can be put into cybonetic bodies. Together, Section 9 tries to keep Japan safe from cyber terrorists.

Fullmetal Alchemist- Edward and Alphonse Elric were two normal boys with a loving mother until one day, when their mother passes away. They try to bring her back to life using alchemy, but end up losing their normal bodies. Alphonse's soul is put into a suit of armor while Edward's right arm and left leg are lost and he gets metal limbs. Edward joins the military to learn as much as he can about the Philosopher's Stone so he can get thier bodies back to normal.

Great Teacher Onizuka- 22 year old ex-biker Onizuka decides to become a teacher, thinking he will be able to score(for lack of a better word) with some of the female teachers. With no teaching degree, Onizuka helps teach his students lessons about life, while the vice principal tries to get him fired constantly.

Yu Yu Hakusho- A young boy named Yusuke Urameshi gets hit by a car and brought back to life by Koenma, the man in charge of the Spirit World. When he is brought back, he is given the task of keeping the Human World safe from demons. With his group of demons and humans, he sets out to work on the cases given to him by Koenma.

5 worst would be:

Furi Kuri- Naota's life is very boring until one woman changes it when they meet face-to-face, literally,. Suddenly, robots come out of Naota's head and terrorize the city. It was funny the first time I saw it, but then it lost its humor and became really stupid.

Dragon Ball GT- Goku is change into a litte kid again and he has to save the world in his pint sized body. This is the worst part of the Dragon Ball series.

YuGiOh- Possibly the worst idea for a show ever. Yugi is given an ancient puzzle necklace that has the spirit of an ancient pharoah in it. When Yugi is dueling(with cards), the spirit takes over his body and makes him the best duelist. Together, Yugi and the spirit, Yami, save the world by playing a card game.

SD Gundam- The dumbest version of the Gundam series. The robots aren't controlled, the have AI. Its really lame and seems to have been made for little children.

Zatch Bell- A boy genius is sent a little boy by his father. This boy turns out to be a Mamoto, and the genius has to fight using the little boy. Cool fighting scenes, everything else is stupid.
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2005 5:02 am Reply with quote
My first post on this forum and my favorite kind of topic too.

Like some other posters, I have to split my favorite anime movies from my favorite series. I also did not include any series that I haven't finished yet such as Samurai Champloo, Gungrave or Paranoia Agent, as tempting as it may be.

So here goes...

My top 5 favorite anime movies are:

1. Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro) - This was a TV movie from Studio Ghibli and directed by Isao Takahata. I found this movie by accident. I watched it because I had nothing else to do and rapidly and totally became entranced by the story of Taeko. Basically, it is a story of a woman at a crossroad in her life. As she travels to visit her old sister's in-laws in the country, she inexplicably finds herself reminiscing about her 10-year-old self. Takahata's directing and the animation is very understated but it suits this "slice of life" piece perfectly. There is nothing pretentious about this film and it doesn't try to be and yet, the end slays me every time I watch it.

2. Whisper of the Heart (Mimi wo Sumaseba) - I searched for this film because I enjoyed "The Cat Returns" and I wanted to see the film that inspired it. What I found is that the two films are not even in the same league. While I am not that fond of the song "Country Road", the song plays out well in this film because of the different ways that it is presented to move the story along. It is another film of a girl at a crossroad in her life (a favorite theme of Studio Ghibli) and Shizuka is a great character because she is so real. She doesn't like to be bossed around by her big sister, she doesn't like school all that much, she's not a good student, and she's not sure if she's good enough for the boy that she has fallen for and yet she persists. Just a wonderful film and vastly superior to "The Cat Returns".

3. Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru No Haka) - For weeks after seeing this film, my son had questions that never stopped. Why did this happen? Why did that happen? Why are they starving? Why did their mother die? Why why why why???

It drove me nuts and yet, a great film will do that. Grave isn't a fun film to watch, but it is a great film that stays with you long after it has ended.

4. Tokyo Godfathers - I was lucky enough to see this in a theater at a film festival. Hilarious and touching and goofy. Three homeless people (an gruff man, a transvestite, and a girl runaway) find a baby. What happens after that defies description except to say that Satoshi Kon is a genius storyteller.

5. Millenium Actress - Some films should be seen in their original language. They should be marked "No English (or French or Chinese, etc) dubbing allowed".

Millenium Actress is one of those films.

Chiyoko is a legendary actress of Japanese cinema. She is visited by a man who wants to make a documentary of her career. It is there that her story unfolds in such a way that her real life and her film life intersect so completely that the viewer is never sure which is which. And that is part of the fun.

My top 5 favorite anime series:

1. Cowboy Bebop: Others have already posted why this is such a great series. I don't think I need to elaborate much more except to say "Ditto".

2. LastExile: This series has plot holes, I know. The CGI can sometimes be jerky and blurry. I know that too. And some of the middle episodes are admittedly sleep-inducingly dull.

And yet, it is a story that I can watch over and over again and still find new plot points and I still sniffle at the last scene. The obvious highlight to me is Claus. He made me care about his struggle to protect those he loved. The secret hook though is Dio, the strange brother of the series's main villain and a figure far more tragic than first thought to be. The episode called "Castling Lucciola" ranks as one of the most haunting pieces I've seen in any anime.

3. Inuyasha: My favorite guiltiest pleasure in all of anime. I make no apologies for loving this series.

I love Inuyasha's dog ears and his bad temper. I love Kagome's gravity defying school-uniform mini-skirt, her bike and her ability to not be Kikyo even though she is...sort of. I love Miroku and his completely unpolitically correct groping of all females. I love Sango and Kirara. I even love Shippo. No, wait, I don't love Shippo. He's annoying but Kagome's brother, Sota, more than makes up for him.

There are so many reasons for me to dislike Inuyasha. The unending quest to find the jewel shards. The monster-of-the-week recycled tripe. The million times that I have to hear "Inuyasha!" and "Kagome!"

But I don't care. I embrace this addiction! Even if I can't explain why. *sigh*

4. Witch Hunter Robin: Other poster have said that this is a boring show. I can understand their PoV because the pace is slow. Yet, the slow, or more accurately put, the deliberate pacing never bothered me. I also found that the open ending worked for me. I also liked that the characters did not try to be endearing. They wore their flaws on their sleeves and they were not particularly likable. To me, that was a big part of the appeal. I learned to take the characters as they were. Sort of like the series itself.

5. Berserk: What can I say about this series that hasn't been said. I got it on a whim and I got hooked completely. Unrelenting dark. Unflinchingly tragic. Unrepentently messed up. I love it.

Honorable Mention: Trigun - I didn't like it at first but it has since grown on me.

My 5 Not-So-Favorite Animes:

1. Super Milk-Chan: I hate it on a primal level that no amount of commentary can intelligently communicate.

2. Gundam SEED: My son loves this show. I can't get through the opening credits. I guess it is proof that there is a zen balance in the universe after all.

3. Evangelion: I am blaspheming but I really dislike Evangalion. Why? Let's see... the whining, the cryptic Biblical references, the whining, Asuka Langley and her irritating red suit, the whining, the self-indulgent "WTF!!" ending and (did I mention) the whining.

4. Dragonball anything: I just don't get it and that's okay because I will readily admit that I am not this show's target audience.

5. Gasaraki: WHR is boring? No way. You want boring? Try Gasaraki. Need help sleeping at night? Pop in Gasaraki. It will cure the most stubborn insomnia. The intentions were good and the idea was intriguing, but I don't know what happened.

~BRG Smile
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2005 8:17 pm Reply with quote
Favorite Series & OAV

1st: Air TV - with superb graphics that's paralleled with don't know what... combined with great sounds and BGM, and sad scenes and sad story and and (takes a tissue)... sorry... i'll be cured soon, so please wait... i'll be cured (sob) waaaaaaahhh (cries).... I'm getting carried away... anyway... this is my All Time Fav. because it also fits my personality... how does it fit? I'm a lone boy.... who plays only by himself... not troubling anyone... (opposite, always troubling everyone), and I saw this series around Summer which happened to be one of the theme of the series... damn hot... ahh atsui..., err... Errr... anyway... this is for mature audience only...

2nd: Rurouni Kenshin 1st OAV - Superb Sound & Graphics w/ matching violence... and a great story...

3rd: Full Moon wo Sagashite - Mitsuki's voice is sooo sooo... the story is cool, the graphics is so cute... the problem is, it's 52 eps....

3th: Fruits Basket - I'm one of the Junishii... joudan joudan... This one has comedy scene, sad scene, fighting scene, weird scene, combined with great sounds... what more can you ask?

4th: Full Metal Alchemist - I really like ENIX they're one of the best in making story, (Star Ocean), ooops... btw, I'll transmute everyone who thinks ENIX suck...

5th: Hajime no Ippo (aka. Fighting Spirit) - Talk about boxing.... compared to other sports Anime (Slamdunk, Hungry Heart, Dear Boys, etc...) this one really rocks! You're going to shout, LEFT! GIVE HIM SOME LEFT! (sweatdrops)

6th: Haibane Renmei - this is a really sad anime, it sad... feathers... (I must really like feathered wing creatures... [remembering Air TV])

7th: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - I hate hospitals... but I don't hate this series, the only thing I hate is... Embarassed (they should have removed those scenes) but... even if they removed it, my rating won't change... this one is for mature audience only too...

8th: Ah My Goddess OAV - The sounds is great, the graphics is good, considering it was made around 1992...

9th: Gundam WING - This is probably the BEST gundam series I've ever seen, I like it better than SEED. Probably because it's more normal, (no gene alterations, ESP, etc) except for the Gundam...

10th: Kanon - I forgot, I'm a fan of KEY and I've... anyway, I think the game is better than the Anime, it's more tragic but that's my own opinion though....

11: Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~
12: Cowboy Bebop
13: Angelic Layer
14: Midori Days
15: Chobits
16: Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai
17: Da Capo
18: You're Under Arrest 1st & 2nd Season
19: 3x3 Eyes
20: Full Metal Panic

Anyway... you can shuffle the rating above 6th

Anime that I've been thankful

1st: 3x3 Eyes - this hooked me into Anime
2nd: Love Hina Anime/Manga - encouraged me to study hard Embarassed
3rd: Air TV - Hmmm... the life of a lonely person... I can see it clearly now...


1st: Naushicaa of the Valley of the Wind
2nd: Grave of the Firefly
3rd: The Last Unicorn (is this an Anime or what?)


TOP! Samurai Showdown! That's the worst anime I've ever seen (for me), and of course, where talking WORST here, therefore that's the numero uno Anime that I didn't like, I wont describe it because the show didn't make sense at all.

2nd! is Dragon Ball ZzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzZZzzz.... (fell asleep)
Sure love it when I was younger, but that's in the past and if you're going to compare this to other anime of today..... anyway, there's nothing interesting in the show... always... FIGHT! DEFEAT ENEMY! then another POWERFUL ENEMY appeared... FIGHT AGAIN! DEFEAT ENEMY... AWW I DIED... NOTHING TO WORRY Anime hyper I'LL BE BACK! Just imagine 300+ eps... with nothing but Fighting.... with no improvement at the story at all... always collecting some weird Balls

That's the only show I think I didn't like....
that's why I expanded my most FAV

EDIT: Some typos

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Gemini Angel

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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2005 8:57 pm Reply with quote
Top Favorites

Cardcaptor Sakura

This is one of the greatest Magical Girl series ever. All the charactersd are likable and super cute. Despite the amount of fillers I enjoyed every episode.


Indepth is great and there is a lot of action and is very exciting. It's an anime that is truly fun to watch.

Fruits Basket

This anime is really distinguished. Its my favorite manga. It is also indepth and has great characters; the characters are one of the greatest things abot this anime I really love all of them and the relationships. It has all the interesting genre's: Drama Romance Comedy Slice of Life Magical. You'll want to just keep watching episode after episode till your finished with the series.

Full Metal Panic!

I just starting watching this one also. But I really got into it very interesting. It has action, romance, drama, comedy and mech.

Rurouni Kenshin\ Samurai X

I like the historical setting. I love to watch this anime there is a lot of action and violence, which makes the episodes exciting, but also romance and drama, RK is a lor more light hearted than SX.


The story in this anime is an interesting one. The characters are cute. Like FMA some scenes are very lighthearted while others can be very dark.

Yami no Matsuei

Well I just started watching it and surprisingly I really got into it is very interesting. The characters are cute except for Dr. Muraki one of the most amusing and curupted villains of all time. I also like the horror in this series.

Leat Favorties

Jubai Chan

Jut too hyper and confusing for me

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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2005 12:14 pm Reply with quote
mmm, fun topic. I'm not good with putting things in order, and my tastes tend to be along genre lines, so I'll use genres as guidelines.


Watch Ghost in the Shell: Innocence and the Stand Alone Complex series. Do it. Anyway...

Cowboy Bebop, Akira and Serial Expeiments Lain were major "feeder" animes for me, got me interested. The first to are commentated out, so I'll move on.

Lain is great, even though it's slightly dense. It's very atmospheric, intellectually engaging and has a really enjoyable homoerotic subplot, which is wonderful coming from America where it's a divisive issue not treated as aesthetically, humanely or subtly as Lain proved it could be.

Beyond that, the recent Ghost in the Shell works (Innocence, Stand Alone Complex) are just absurdly good, they're both emotionally and philosophically/morally/intellectually intense. This is the aspect which I felt was missing from the first movie, which was a visual experience with some philosophical ramblings tacked on. Innocence is visually stunning as well, but the moral and philosophical issues are more complex and engrossing than just the "am I real or a machine or can a machine be a real person..." And the SACs have a sociopolitical resonance that is just hugely fun.


Hellsing is the big one, although I'd also put Bebop more in this category than scifi. Hellsing has great replay value, since the plot, which seems abrupt, is actually complete, as in lacking holes. That sort of economy is impressive to me. Also, it's just fun to see a genuine anti-hero do his thing, which Spike from bebop wasn't as much of as Alucard. But what really makes it is the soundtrack.

Fist of the North Star. It's obviously from the 80's, yet it's cool, a deep, abiding and influential cool. This is probably the only anime of historical value I'm familiar with.

Comedy/Slice of Life

And at the top of this list is Azumanga Daioh. Aah, Azumanga Daioh. It's just super great. I've watched it over and over, but it still feels like a warm blanket when I watch it again. It's so cute it has in fact made me say "what the hell!?" A horribly, horribly guilty pleasure, like chocolate on crack. This series is like crack; there, I said it.

Genshiken. An anime about a group of otakus! What more can I say, besides that it's very well done. It's humane, funny and somehow like a driving tour of a wildlife preserve, but with better pacing and more fun. Plus a main character in the related OVA (an anime within an anime--cool) is a huge lover of mushrooms, which are an interest of mine, so it's nice to see I'm not alone.

Honorable mention to Excel Saga, which is gimmicky and manic. And I got a surprising number of the jokes--it's a good satire.


I just got done with FLCL. No idea where to put it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly: visually interesting, kinky, funny and yet dealing with important relational issues. Power, love, hope, submission, jealousy, fooly, cooly. Right up my alley, aside from it being a little ska/pop-punk/mid-90's alternative-y for my taste. A rare anime where it's also good to watch with dubbing, since there's fast dialogue with quick (& dirty) jokes.


Perfect Blue. Showed me that anime can be on par with live action in giving a satisfying, mature show. And freaky at times, good stuff.

Paranoia Agent. An excellent example of a series with good characters, good production values, and good moral development combining to create an engrossing experience.

Genres I Don't Really Watch

To be honest about my biases...
Magical Girl. Yeah.
Mecha. Don't get it, FLCL is as close as I care to go.
Shoujo. Strange how those gender distinctions seem to have weight...
Alternative reality/fantasy. Just not my thing, guess it seems too melodramatic for my taste, but that's hardly an informed opinion.

Animes that have nauseated or aggravated me

RahXephon. If you're going to build moral conflict, don't squander it on some proto-christian abstraction which lacks any relevance to my life or reason for me to continue to empathize with the characters. But lack of empathizability was a problem throughout. Basically I didn't get the ending, the significance of the protagonist's changes, and so on.

School Rumble. The ending is just bad. Inexcusably bad. Painful, misguided, and pointless; I guess it's like the pubescent love that is its major theme in that respect, but I still think an artist has a basic responsibility to give some meaning to the story in the end. If you're in the middle of watching it, do yourself a favor and just stop. I don't want to spoil it, but please take my word.

Fruits Basket. Sure I teared up at the end, but getting there was painful: yes, the protagonist wants to get to know those people. Does the protagonist want to get to know all about those people? I forgot. Oh good, she told me again. But does she really want to get to know those people? Ah, I see, she wants to get to know those people.

Banner of the Stars I. Haven't watched the others, but this was just a war story. Spoiling the final frontier by removing the moral ambiguity, idealism, or anything that might give the story a context beyond "there's a war in the future." Bleh.
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My Top Favourite Anime's.

Action/Martial Arts Anime's

I'm mainly into action and martial arts type of anime and the lists may not be all the best anime's around but are considered to be my favourites.

1.) Angel Cop - Good action and really gets the details on how special security works and in detail as well and the few plot twists, lots of blood and violence with swearing.

2.) Art of Figthing - I'm huge fan of the videogame.

3.) Dragonball Z - I like fighting anime's need i say more.

4.) Peacemaker - I just love the story and its really good and lots of fighting with good character as well.

5.) Virtua Fighter TV - Damm hardcore fanboy of this game period, and i just love some of the figthing styles.

Various Animes

6.) Phantom Quest Corp. - This anime is damm funny with good horror/comedy and the main character is funny and the supporting cast is also top notch.

7.) Giant Robo - A classic in it own right, colourful characters that bring the anime alive.

8.) R.O.D TV - Very intersting characters and villians and lots of plot twists and injected with good action/drama/comedy into.

9.)Dai-Guard - A unique anime that has civillian security contractors with a mech and fights off alien invaders and makes fun of the army in the process.

10.) Witch Hunter Robin - Dark and good plot twists that keeps it you wanting more, and good cast of characters.

Least Favourite Anime's

1.) Oh My Goddess Movie - Can't stand it all couldn't watch 5 minutes of.

2.) Najica Blitz Tactic's - Excessive fanservice, gave me headaches
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Konnichi wa anime fans!!

Here's my list of my favorite anime!
#1: InuYasha because I think the show's cool and I think Inu is hot!!
#2:Rurouni Kenshin because I LOVE samurai everything! (Plus Kenshin and most of the others are funny!)
#3:Yu-Yu Hakusho because I can actually SEE ghosts and I think it's cool to see an anime about that.
#4:Fullmetal Alchemist because I love alchemy. It's one of our world's mysteries that we'll probably never know much about.
#5:Ghost in the Shell/Stand Alone Complex because cyborgs are cool and there's a lot of violence in it.
#6:Samurai Champloo because its cool.Its the first thing with hip-hop that I can actually stand AND love.(FYI,I'm a Headbanger/Rocker)>
#7:Yu-Gi-Oh! because I love stuff about ancient Egypt.I also love card games soooo,yeah.
#8:Tokyo Mew Mew because I can relate to her Ichigo(Zoey) and her friends.Its also hillarious to watch.
#9:Duel Masters because they're always making fun of other people and I really can't imagine Shobu listening to boy bands.
#10:Gundam(all types) because I grew up with it.I remember watching Gundam 0079 and all the others as a kid.

Now here's my worst list:
#1:Dragon Ball GT because it was made without Akira Toriyama's help.I think it was just made to help boost marketing sales.
#2: Pokemon because Ash isn't hanging out with Misty anymore. And he didn't tell her how he felt and plus the show is too long!(I've been watching it for the past 8 years!).
#3:FLCL because I didn't get what the whole point of the show was about! Good show, too much madness!
#4:Super Milk-Chan Show because the show is freakin' stupid. One of my best friends wanted to kill the creator of
#5:SD Gundam.I know that I said at the beginning of this that I grew up watching Gundam, but this show was wierd. Talking Gundams that act totally stupid?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
#6:Tenchi Universe because it made no sense with the other shows. If they're gonna show the show then they should just put the whole damn thing!!
#7:SPD Power Rangers because the first two seasons of Power Rangers were a lot better than the newer ones.
#8: Cardcaptor Sakura because they edited it too much!! They edited it because half the characters were either bi or gay. NO FAIR!! They should've put it on AS if they wanted to show it completely in its full glory!
#9:Sailor Moon because like Cardcaptor Sakura it was heavily edited.(Some of my friends say it was because most of the Scouts and villains were gay.SO?! Who cares?! Another show they should have put on AS.
#10:Teen Titans because they show WAY TOO MANY reruns on CN. Its on EVERY single freakin' day!!!
Ja ne!!!
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1. Spirited Away: A very good film made by Studio Ghibli.
2. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: I thought this film was really good. (Having touble with spoiler. I'll try later.)
3. Azumanga Daioh: I laughed sooooo hard! I wish I had Vol. 2!
4. Yu-Gi-Oh Uncut: For some reason, I like seeing this uncut. I just think it's better I guess.
5. Angelic Layer: I really liked the manga, so I watched this. I thought it was really good.
6. My Neighbor Totoro: Whenever I see a Ghibli film, I love it. I thought this one was very charming!
7. Pokemon: It's really not all that bad. I thought it was pretty satisfying. I like the first season the best.
8. Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat: I though this show was really cute, and funy at times.
9. Junkers Come Here: I LOVE THIS FILM! I cried a lot and I though it was very heartwarming!
10. The Cat Returns: While a little fast, I thought it was pretty good. I thought Muta was pretty funny!

Anime films and shows I don't like very much:
1. Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie: I used to like it, but now it's a sort of boring. And it's pretty weird that Cardcaptor Sakura Uncut Movie and Cardcaptors are both 86 minutes...
2. The Daichis: While I only watched the first episodes, I was dissapointed. It is just like The Incredibles (which I like) but the main character Dai Daichi... (Aww more spoiler trouble, if you have seen it you know what I mean)

(Sorry, but there's just not a lot of shows I dislike.)
I edited this because some people let me know. Sorry if I made anyone mad.

Last edited by YourNeighborTotoro on Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:13 pm; edited 6 times in total
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Chiroptera Rex

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YourNeighborTotoro, please edit your post to explain why you like each of your favourites and dislike each of your least favourites.
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darkinusgurl wrote:
#7:SPD Power Rangers because the first two seasons of Power Rangers were a lot better than the newer ones.
#10:Teen Titans because they show WAY TOO MANY reruns on CN. Its on EVERY single freakin' day!!!

Not anime. Neither one of them.
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