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Want to see
Aishiteruze Baby (TV)
Akachan to Boku (TV)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (OAV)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (TV)
Animal Yokocho (TV)
Blue Seed (TV)
Boogiepop Phantom (TV)
Conan, the Boy in Future (TV)
Cowboy Bebop (TV)
Cromartie High: The Movie (live-action movie)
D.N.Angel (TV)
Daa! Daa! Daa! (TV)
(The) Day I Bought a Star (movie)
Death Note (TV)
Densha Otoko (live-action movie)
Detective Conan: The Private Eyes' Requiem (movie 10)
(The) Dog of Flanders (movie)
Doggy Poo (Korean movie)
Excel Saga (TV)
Fancy Lala (TV)
Fate/stay night (TV)
Figure 17 (TV)
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa
Genshiken (TV)
Ginban Kaleidoscope (TV)
Grave of the Fireflies [2005] (live-action movie special)
Grrl Power (OAV)
Honey and Clover (TV)
Horus - Prince of the Sun (movie)
House Hunting (movie)
Inuyasha (TV)
(The) Irresponsible Captain Tylor (TV)
Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl - Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch (TV)
Kino's Journey (TV)
Kyo kara Maoh! (TV)
Last Exile (TV)
Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (movie)
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (TV)
Marco - From the Apennines to the Andes (TV)
Marmalade Boy (TV)
Mei and the Baby Cat Bus (movie)
Mind Game (movie)
Mon Mon the Water Spider (movie)
Mujin Wakusei Survive (TV)
Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water (TV)
NANA (live-action movie)
Noir (TV)
Now and Then, Here and There (TV)
Ocean Waves (special)
On Your Mark (movie)
Only Yesterday (movie)
Panda! Go, Panda! (movie)
Pumpkin Scissors (TV)
R.O.D -The TV-
Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)
(The) Rose of Versailles (TV)
Rumiko Takahashi Anthology (TV)
Scrapped Princess (TV)
Sgt. Frog (TV)
Shin chan (TV)
Super GALS! (TV)
Tales from Earthsea (movie)
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE the Movie: The Princess in the Birdcage Kingdom
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (TV)
Tweeny Witches (TV)
Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (movie)
Video Girl Ai (OAV)
xxxHOLiC the Movie: A Midsummer Night's Dream
You're Under Arrest (TV)

Seen some Rating Comment
Astro Boy (TV 3/2003)
Case Closed The Movie: The Time Bombed Skyscraper
Case Closed: The Phantom of Baker Street (movie)
Comic Party (TV)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (movie)
Fruits Basket (TV)
Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
Giant Robo (OAV) Epi. 1-2
(The) Good Witch of the West (TV)
Haibane Renmei (TV)
Hamtaro (TV)
Hikaru no Go (TV) Epi. 1-2
His and Her Circumstances (TV) Epi. 1-5, 17-18
Howl's Moving Castle (movie)
Kamikaze Girls (live-action movie)
Kodocha (TV) Masterpiece I love this series. The comedy is hilarious, the drama is well-done, the characters are fun and likeable. I cannot think of anything I don't like about this anime! I'm planning for it to be the first anime I ever complete that is over 26 episodes! Epi. 1-24
Lemon Angel Project (TV)
MÄR (TV) Epi. 1
Martian Successor Nadesico (TV)
(The) Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (TV) Epi. 1-2
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (TV) Epi. 1-8
Nanaka 6/17 (TV) Epi. 1-4
Naruto (TV) Epi. 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV)
Oh My Goddess! (OAV) Epi. 1, 3-5
Pom Poko (movie)
(The) Prince of Tennis (TV) Epi. 1
Rurouni Kenshin (TV) Epi. 1-8
School Rumble (TV)
Soar High! Isami (TV) Epi. 1-3
Trigun (TV) Epi. 1-9
Urusei Yatsura (TV) Epi. 1-2
Urusei Yatsura OVA Series
Welcome to the NHK (TV)
Whisper of the Heart (movie)
xxxHOLiC (TV)

Seen all Rating Comment
Angelic Layer (TV) Excellent This is a great anime! There is lots of action, and there is a lot of character development in the later episodes. Lots of fun!
Animation Runner Kuromi (OAV)
Animation Runner Kuromi 2 (OAV)
Azumanga Daioh (TV) Excellent I really enjoyed this anime. It is totally hilarious!! I really like Tomo-chan, because she is so crazy, Osaka becuase she is just so random (and I love random), and Yukari-sensei because she's so crazy. (but in a different way than Tomo.)
Azumanga Daioh - The Very Short Movie Excellent This was a nice little AzuDai short. If I could, I would change this rating to a "Good". If you want to remember some good laughs from the series!
Azumanga Web Daioh (ONA) Good This was also a fun little AzuDai short. If you can watch it and you enjoyed AzuDai, I reccommend it. I cracked up at the ending! =)
Castle in the Sky (movie)
(The) Cat Returns (movie)
Cromartie High School (TV)
Here Is Greenwood (OAV)
Junkers Come Here (movie)
Kiki's Delivery Service (movie)
Millennium Actress (movie)
My Neighbor Totoro (movie)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (movie)
Otaku no Video (OAV) Excellent A hoot! I very much enjoyed this OAV series! It is a very fun show about two guys obsessed with anime and how they changed it forever! Recommended!
(The) Place Promised in Our Early Days (movie)
Porco Rosso (movie)
Princess Mononoke (movie)
Spirited Away (movie)
Steamboy (movie)
Tokyo Godfathers (movie)
Urusei Yatsura: Only You (movie)
Voices of a Distant Star (OAV) So-so I didn't enjoy this anime very much. I have to give kudos to the visuals, but other than that it wasn't so great. And the subtitles? Too Fast!

Will not finish Rating Comment
(The) Daichis - Earth Defence Family (TV) Bad I didn't enjoy this anime for a couple of reasons. I didn't like the characters at all (especially Dai and his mom). And the whole thing with Dai's perverted "interests"...sick.
Pokémon (TV) Decent While I enjoyed this series (and sometimes I like to watch it again) I ended up not liking the series too much after a while.
Yu-Gi-Oh! (TV 2/2000) Not really good While I enjoyed this anime for a while, I started to not like it after a while. It got very repeatitive. In one episode Bakura kept repeating how he was going to kill Yugi and destory the world blah blah blah like every two minutes! I mean seriously!!

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