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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 12:12 pm Reply with quote
This thread is only for questions regarding the news intern positions. I've removed all previous Q&A and put them into a single digest post (with some updates). If you don't find the answer to your question below, please post it in this thread.

dormcat wrote:
Can someone already working for ANN 20+ hours a week apply? Razz

Sure :-p

Also, what should we do if we wish to be considered for both positions?
Just mention it in your intro.

several people wrote:
Is there an age restriction i.e. college age or age 18?

There's no strict age requirement per se. That said, we rarely accept candidates under 18 (it's only happened once - but fwiw, the intern in question got a salaried position after finishing the internship and has been with us for several years since). Our preference is for college students in their final year of journalism, or recent college grads.

We have no upper age restriction on internships. People start new journeys at all ages of their lives and we're happy to support them.

NimbusRain wrote:
Can you telecommute for this internship, or is it necessary to live in a certain area?

In fact, you must telecommute as ANN has no central office.

PJ wrote:
Is this internship open to people outside of the USA?


rainbowcourage wrote:
Does the internship require someone with a knowledge of Japanese?


Knowledge of Japanese and journalism training are big pluses though. Most of our interns have both Japanese skills and Journalism experience, but there have been exceptions. It's unlikely that we would accept an intern with neither.

bllanosr wrote:
For the news intern position I have a couple of questions:
1. Does the hired intern have to look for the actual news articles themselves? Or will he/she be given a list of websites to patrol once in a while and relay the news back to the forums? Or is it the head news person, assigns topics and the intern researches the topic. I just want to know how extensive this is going to be, cause I generally use this website for all of my anime news and have no idea where to get any type of anime news.

2. This might sound like a weird question, but having to relay information with someone on the internet with deadlines can get difficult if the time-zones are totally askewed. What time-zone is the news team located?

1: A bit of both. We'll hold your hand a lot at first, and then expect you to be more and more independent as time goes on. Not knowing where to look at first won't be a problem.

2: PT, ET and JST primarily.

A few people wrote:
What Should I include in my resume?

You really shouldn't be asking this question. At this stage in your life you should know how to write a resume, and if you don't know how, you should know how to use Google in order to find out. Quite bluntly, if you need to ask this question, we'd rather not have you as an intern.

Send your resume with the usual information you would include in your resume when applying for any job. Tailor your resume and letter of introduction to these jobs by focusing on pertinent information.

MorwenLaicoriel wrote:
Should the cover letter and resume be in the body of the e-mail or sent as attached word documents?

Always send those as attachments unless informed otherwise. You can of course chose to duplicate your letter in the body of the e-mail as well.

Lynxikat wrote:
Do you want the cover letter and resume in two separate documents or in one large document?

Don't really care, but putting them in separate documents seems to be the norm.

Tortoiseshell Tabby Girl wrote:
Would we need any special software or programs or anything, since it is telecommuting? In other words, will Microsoft Word and regular emails and links and attachments get the job done, or not? I hope those questions make sense. Sometimes I see very specific requirements for telecommuting internships and jobs and I'm not exactly super tech-savvy.

A webbrowser and an IM client/account (preferably an AIM account).

cronomage389 wrote:
After sending an application is a writing sample needed for submission? I'm curious to know how selective you are, because my school won't just give credit if just anyone can get an internship.
We may ask for writing samples as part of the follow-up, but we don't need them with your initial application.

ars89 wrote:
so if i don't do this for credit, should i not even apply

No, err, "Yes you should."

All things equal, we give preference to people doing it for credit, but if a non-credit candidate is significantly better than the for credit candidates, we'll definitely go with the non-credit candidate.

Regularguy wrote:
I have been trying for years to get some journalism experience with a publication I love such as "ANN". The problem is I'm not enrolled in college and the best qualifaction I have is I have most of the day free to learn a new skill. Should I even try to apply?

To be honest, your chances are lower than people with college experience / responsibilities (we know a college intern won't flake out half way through, because they'll fail their internship), but you wouldn't be our first non-college student intern. You should apply next semester.

many people wrote:
Will I hear from you after I apply?
You should receive an auto-reply to inform you that your application was received. If you don't get this, please post here. After this, we will only contact potential candidates. Unfortunately we simply don't have time to reply to every applicant. Sad

If I've applied before and not been accepted, should I apply again?

Yes. Very often we have a very hard time picking our interns. For 2 spots there's 20~30 applicants every season and 6~10 of them are very good. If you didn't get picked, it doesn't mean you weren't good enough, just that we had to make a choice. Next time you might be more lucky, and by then your resume will probably have improved as well.

Yorozuya wrote:
Has anyone gotten a job out of an internship?

Yes, four ANN staff right now are former interns. But you really shouldn't look at it that way. The primary purpose of the internship for you should not be "get a job at ANN," it should be "improve my journalism skills."

Ani-watcher wrote:
When writing the cover letter who do I address it to?

To whom it may concern. Dear hiring manager. Dear ANN. Whatever....

This Grey World wrote:
Is there a preferred file type for the attached documents?


MrTheAnimatist wrote:
... would [ANN] consider offering work experience for a much shorter time?

Sorry. It takes a lot of time to train new interns, and if the internship is too short, the investment on our part (in time) is significantly more than what we get back. You also won't benefit much from too short of an internship. We need time to assess your skills, provide feedback and then give you more challenging tasks.

Sasukeuzi wrote:
What's the average time in which you respond to possible interns? If a response wasn't received by now, would that mean that candidates have already been chosen?

It can take a while, sometimes as much as a month after the submissions are due. We're trying to improve that.

--- wrote:
I submitted my application, but after sending it, I realized I had made a mistake. I immediately recent [sic] the email with the corrections. Will this affect my chances of getting the position? Also, I did not receive an email when I sent the corrected application.

This does reflect somewhat badly on your ability to proof your own work before hitting "send" or "submit." That said, we generally only look at your final submission; we all make mistakes, so an updated submission won't hurt your chances... much. The auto-reply is only sent to the first submission.

Ascendant - Izanagi wrote:
Are these internships still open?

The internships are always open.

sweetBlackLace wrote:
Are there any other positions available other than journalism internships and careers such as graphic design?


We can only offer internships in areas where we can offer guidance. We like free labor as much as any other company, but it's not fair to bring on an intern in an area where we can't teach the intern anything.

We may consider a web-dev intern in the future as we have several developers on staff.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:52 am Reply with quote
Hello. I read this thread. I understand that it's literally 10 years old, but I submitted an application and have not received an auto-reply so here I am replying to this thread regarding this.
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ANN Publisher & CEO

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:07 pm Reply with quote
Actually, it's only been a little under 2 years since I last updated the FAQ above.

Thanks for pointing out that you didn't receive an auto-reply. We recently changed the way we receive internship e-mails and I forgot to set up the auto reply. I've fixed it now for future applicants.

I've confirmed that we've received your application; thank you for applying.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:55 am Reply with quote
Hi, I submitted an application yesterday for the News Intern position and have yet to receive an auto-reply. I understand I am supposed to post here for issues regarding that, so hopefully this thread is still being monitored. Thanks for your time!
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