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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:10 am Reply with quote
All I know about Attack on Titan is that the "main character" spoiler[ dies within the first couple of pages. ] ...

They showed it on TV here as part of a special about current manga worth reading.
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Ryu Shoji

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:31 am Reply with quote
I got my copy of K-ON!! volume 1 (blu-ray) yesterday. While Sentai did a good job in getting the voice cast back (well, both them and Bandai use Bang Zoom anyway so it's no surprise) and they kept things consistent with Bandai's dub (keeping honorifics, translating prices into dollars), there were a few minor details that irked me:

- The "Screw English" Joke. This is one time where I wished they had changed the script, but it ends up with Yui and Ritsu talking about how they speak Japanese and don't need to know English. They could have flipped the languages to create a kind of dramatic irony, as well as making sense - hell, they convert yen prices to dollars so why couldn't they?
- I swear in episode 11, Yui called Mugi "Azu-chan" (I turned the subs on and the original Japanese had her say a completely different line) and in episode 12, I'm pretty sure I heard Yui call Azusa "Azu-Meow" (either that or it was Azu-Nya" which isn't consistent with how she is called "Azu-nyan" every other time in the dub).
- The translation of songs not being consistent. While the HTT songs are left alone (like in the Bandai dub), when there are other occasions where the characters sing, I swear the odd one or two are dubbed, while they are mostly left or the other!
- Sawako saying "b******" twice in one of the later episodes left a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure, it fit the scene in that spoiler[she was performing as her old band] but considering how how I watch the show with my 8 year old brother (and aside from those two usages and one of "molesting" earlier on, it would be entirely suitable in my opinion and I feel that those three word usages are the only the reason it has a suggested TV14 rating). Also, I felt that the use of the word felt really jarring considering the tone of the show itself (not to mention it has to be the most overused curse word in anime).

Also, I'm not sure the BD sleeve was printed properly. In that with the spine, I either get it overlapping onto the front cover, or I get the front cover's art overlapping onto the spine. When the front cover is well, the one you see on retailer's websites and the spine is bright pink, it's really obvious.

Yeah, I know I'm probably going to win "Nitpicker of the year award". Don't get me wrong though, I love the show and I think season 2 is a huge plus over season 1 so far (although we see them perform less, there's more references to the musical side of things) and I really am glad that Sentai not only picked up the series after Bandai's announcement earlier this year, but they also managed to get it out so soon. However, these little things did irk me somewhat.
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