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Why does it take longer to fan-translate manga than anime?

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I notice manga takes much longer time to get translated than anime does. Granted (at least in the United States) there is far more demand for the latest hits in Japan to be subtitled and uploaded online than for manga to be scanlated and very few casual anime viewers would even read a manga unless its the source material of a show they finished and fell in love with.

But still I noticed the availibility at least in the English language online is disproportionate for other medium. For example many hit or classic anime adaptations cana lready be found online in complete episodes. Even those currently translated gets more episodes on a monthly bases than manga gets new scanlated chapters on a yearly bases. To use a specific example the entire Rose of Versailles TV series have been availible online back as far as the early 2000s. While the manga only got the first 3 volumes translated prior to to 2009 and new chapters only began to be scanned in 2011. It took until this year for the very final chapter to be released!

Saint Seiya is another example. As early as 2003 new episodes were being subbed on a VERY CONSISTENT basis. The manga was being scanned too but inconsistently. Even though Saint Seiya has a much bigger fandom than Rose of Versailles, comparible to Dragon Ball internationally, scanlations remained dormant until 2012. Even now the manga is not yet availible in its entirety in English online. Granted Saint Seiya is a much more complex case in which copyright issues went at odds with scanlations and its the very reason why the final Hades ac was scanlated and released online first before new chapters came and to this day scanlators are nervous about releasing new chaps because Viz still holds the license.

But come on! Even small 2-volume series seem nonexistent online. I can find more complete "obscure" anime episodes online than I can find complete English translations of even manga that have big fandoms in the States but were not yet officially released in the United States.

What is the reason for this? WOuldn't manga be quicker to translate as opposed to anime because anime involves putting matching texts with to match the scene (VERY ******* HARD TO DO!!!). Furthermore manga is still pictures with KANJI on it. I doubt most subbers could find raw anime vids with kanji subtitles so they would need fluent understanding of verbal Japanese to even hope to translate a sentence. This alone makes manga far easier to translate.

Can anyone explain the logic? Christ many classic obscure stuff such as Hana no Ko Lunlun got a tleast an episode or two or a movie or OVA subbed but there is no single chapter scanlation availible (Hana no Ko Lunlun is one example-good luck even finding raw manga scans).
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