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Interview: THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:49 pm Reply with quote
Thank you for the interview. As a huge fan of Cinderella Girls (the original mobage was my first mobile game and currently still my most active one, next to Starlight Stage), I want to see this brand become extremely permanent and stand well on its own from the original Idolmaster--something it has succeeded in thus far. It's kinda sad the anime ended. Despite being one of the later iterations of the general story, it's most certainly the most coherent.

And though they probably won't ever see this, for the cast and staff,
もしよければ、次はニューヨークに来てくださいね! ^^
特にあんきらがとても人気らしいですよー (・∇<)~☆
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:42 pm Reply with quote
interviewer wrote:
Your song Romantic Now has its roots in rap music. Do you have any favorite American rappers?

idolbot wrote:

Query: Music > American Rap. No response. Initiate emergency procedure
I unfortunately don't listen to much western rap *laughs* but I am a huge fan of
Query: Music > American Male 18-35. Response from 2001 Database
Slipknot and
Query: Music > American Female 8-16. Response from 2015 Database
Justin Bieber!
End emergency
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:05 pm Reply with quote
A few friends of mine caught this concert, as they wanted to go see the Walkure singers from Macross Delta.. they had pretty positive reviews of the concert..
I ended up going to the 2nd Concert on Saturday as Idols aren't my thing and it was a good time.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:26 pm Reply with quote

You know... instead of posting it here on ANN, you could have tried to send it to the email address of their online radio: [email protected]
and it would have a greater chance of being seen by the cast and staff?

For Kurosawa Tomoyo she also have her own show (Monday, 8pm JP time, "A&G NEXT BREAKS 黒沢ともよのFIVE STARS"; other hosts on Tue-Fri) and the email address for that would be: [email protected] (the repeated airing is ongoing in the background as I type this message).

And for "Yoshimura Haruka no Himitsukichi" (Sunday, 2am JP time): [email protected]

Airing schedule for JOQR Chou! A&G+, JP Time, and it isn't limited to JP only like onsen/hibiki; just a quick info form to create a cookie for first time visitor asking their location (default to Tokyo and you don't have to change it), occupation (?; in broad stroke like Student/Self-employed/etc), and lastly, whether you'd be watching it at home or etc.

Program noted with the M are video program (as both the above shows are), while darker color block means that that program is a live broadcasting.
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