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PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:08 am Reply with quote
Hello everyone,

just like a lot of people I have decided to start my own light novel, English is not my main language so I do apologized for the broken English Sad, but I would still love to hear from you and get some good feedback Smile

here is the first Chapter

Sector Nebular xxc78 to 150 million light years from the earth

Interstellar ship Nova10 - mainly medical personnel, scientists and researchers, few military personnel whose only function is the welfare of the personnel; They have been traveling for several months in search of a planet located in the Nebular sector xxc78.

A total of 25 crew.

Radar - pin pin piiiin piiin

Navigator - "Captain, we have detected a high level of energy and mass towards this direction" pointing to the darkest place in the sector on the map

Captain - 'maybe?' 'Can it be?' "Perfect !, there it has to be, take us to those coordinates immediately" "Attention all personnel, Attention all personnel, prepare for possible strong turbulence"

Nova10 goes at full speed but cautiously to where the captain had indicated, the sensors increase in sound indicating that there is something there, the radars and communication are lost, now only the pilot can operate the ship, without anything to help him, with a cold sweat on his back, he flies through the cosmic cloud using only his senses and experience, the deeper they get the more difficult it is to pilot, you can see stones, and pieces of ships that failed to continue.

Pilot - "Captain, I think we are good now" - with a smile of relief and sweat on his face

Suddenly he can see a large shadow in the clouds, the pilot does not know how to react, he decides to stay in his course, hoping that the creature does not see them.

Pilot - "ca ca captain, th the .. there is a creature inside the cosmic clouds, bigger than Nova10 according to what I can observe"

Captain - "Shit" "Attention Military personnel , Attention military personnel, all to their battle positions, possible encounter with creature"

Footsteps of the soldiers on the march to the energy cannons were heard, waiting for the order of the captain.

Silence goes through Nova10, nobody speaks, all prepared, in that moment the co-pilot can observe in front of them a giant planet.

Co-pilot - 'have we passed the clouds?', 'what? when?', "Captain, planet in sight"

Leaving behind the cosmic clouds and the creature, they realize that planet before their eyes, the largest planet they have ever seen in their life.

Little by little the staff realizes that the radios and radars returned to their normality, the tension in the cabin changes to a more normal and light environment.

Thanks to the technology they were able to make a scan of the whole planet, verifying with the galactic database of the "Lihbrs", the planet is virgin, it has never been seen by any race, and until now it is the largest planet ever found.

They manage to enter the planet after several hours studying it, what they see is amazing, full of mystical animals that were thought extinct, an impressive flora and fauna and a climate to stay a lifetime.

The captain observes a good landing zone and points the pilot to land in that place.

Captain - "Sergeant, verify that the package is safe and sound, is the most important of this mission"

The sergeant goes with two soldiers to the compartment where there is a metal container with several protection mechanisms and a small window, check the instruments and looks in the window and confirms that everything is in order.

According to atmospheric sensors, the environment is safe and breathable, making it even more amazing planet.

First to disembark were the military, they need to be sure that the area is safe for the crew.

Sergeant - "Okay, ATTENTION !!, we are about to enter a virgin planet, we will be the first to step on this soil, ALL! Alert to any situation, and remember the mission is the most important!"

little by little the soldiers were coming down in perfect formation, in their totality five soldiers and a sergeant, created a perimeter big enough so that the crew could work, the soldiers little by little were putting systems of defenses such as canons, walls and traps.

For a mission of scientists and researchers the military were very well prepared, which for some of the crew seemed a bit excessive.

One of the scientists realizes that some of the weapons are pointing to where they are.

Scientist - 'and these animals do not know how to set up canons?' Approaches the captain cautiously, "Captain, it seems that some weapons are pointing at us, I think they got confused" - showing a nervous smile and a drop of sweat rolling.

Captain - "No, look closer, it just points where the container is, it's for our welfare, besides these guns are designed not to attack us" - said guns are smart where they are programmed to only attack who is NOT in their database , it has DNA and facial recognition software.

When they finished lowering all the boxes, all the staff move away from them and pressed a button, little by little you can see how the boxes (not so big) are transformed into small buildings, in a matter of minutes everything was ready and operational.

Canon 1 - "tu tu tu tu tu" - bullets start flying everywhere

Canon 2 - "booom" - explotion near

To be continue….
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:54 pm Reply with quote
Locking. ANN isn't the appropriate place for fanfiction.
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