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REVIEW: Obsessions of an Otome Gamer Novel 2: The Middle School Years

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PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 2:31 pm Reply with quote
I'm surprised the reviewer got this one out so quickly! i was still only 75% of the way thru it when this was posted.

Agree that this is one of the best LNs printed right now; lots of character depth here, as we see that Mashiro has made strides to see the people in here knew life as "people," but still in many ways thinks of Kou and Sou as game characters. I'm particularly anxious for the Kon subplot; the text has made it clear that SOMETHING is going to happen, and i'm on pins and needles for it!

I also enjoyed Mashiro's interactions with Tobi; she may not have the full picture of what's happening, but she knows a creep when she sees one! That scene where she spoiler[calls him out for acting like a creepy pedo] was hilariously gratifying, and the fact that not everything seems to be going according to Tobi's plan is also a nice touch. Teasing that the villain's plan isn't infallible, and could fail based on the characters' actions, gives them greater agency and adds welcome tension to the plot.

Excellent volume! Can't wait for the next volume (PS: the author stated in the afterword that she was using a Japanese-to-English dictionary to translate reviews of her work, so i'm sure she'd appreciate any comments or reviews wherever you all purchased the book)
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