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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2 - ep. 2: Sasami and Tsunami

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 2: Sasami and Tsunami

1. Long cut. Scene of Washuu and Sasami walking through the woods cut.

2. Scene of panicked Tenchi running into Aeka in the onsen and susequently collapsing in the water cut.

3. Ryouko again wears her blue digital bikini.

4. Mihoshi again wears her digital swimsuit straps. (Odd since they didn't put straps on either Washuu or Aeka.)

5. Scene of Nobuyuki electrocuting himself at the electrical service box cut.

6. Scene of Ryouko and Mihoshi bound and gagged behind the bushes cut.

7. Blood removed from aftermath of Sasami's fall in the arboretum. (Another totally ridiculous edit as we still see the pond reacting to something and initiating Sasami's assimilation into Tsunami.)

8. Scene of nanny asking Sasami if she is alright cut.

9. Scene of Washuu leaving Ryouko and Mihoshi tied up behind the bushes cut.

10. Ryouko's "Have a little sake" changed to "Have a little tea with me". (*sigh*)

11. Tenchi's "No thanks. I'm still a minor." changed to "No thanks. I don't want it."

12. Katsuhito and Nobuyuki's "Go right ahead" changed to "Tea's good for you."

13. Scene of Mihoshi tripping and pushing Ryouko and Aeka into the lake along with their subsequent arguing cut.

Mostly time cuts here however the deletion of the blood from the assimilation sequence really hurt the scene. Seeing that blood pooled under Sasami left no doubt as to just how badly Sasami had been injured. A fall like that would have split her open and it's a miracle that she was still alive (if barely) after the impact. Considering how much blood flies in DBZ they could have restored the blood in this scene and returned its full power.


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