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Viewtiful Joe (TV)

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Alternative title:
ビューティフル ジョー (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Joe and his girlfriend Silvia enjoy a seemingly normal trip to the movies to see an action flick starring Joe's idol Captain Blue, when suddenly the villain from the movie pops out of the screen and takes Silvia into the movie. Joe is forced to follow her by Captain Blue's mecha, Six Machine, and after being chased by some random enemies meets Captain Blue in the flesh who grants Joe the power to become an action movie hero in his own right, Viewtiful Joe.
User Ratings: 153 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 2 votes (sub:2)
 Excellent: 6 votes (sub:5, dub:1)
 Very good: 13 votes (dub:5, sub:2, raw:1, others:5
2 Spanish dubbed
2 Portuguese dubbed
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Good: 22 votes (dub:11, sub:7, raw:1, others:3
2 Spanish dubbed
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Decent: 18 votes (sub:6, dub:5, edit.dub:3, others:4
3 Spanish dubbed
1 French subtitled
 So-so: 15 votes (dub:9, sub:4, raw:1, ?:1)
 Not really good: 11 votes (dub:8, sub:1, raw:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Weak: 18 votes (sub:10, dub:7, raw:1)
 Bad: 16 votes (dub:9, sub:6, others:1
1 Portuguese dubbed
 Awful: 12 votes (dub:6, sub:5, edit.dub:1)
 Worst ever: 20 votes (dub:9, sub:5, edit.dub:3, others:3
3 Spanish dubbed
Seen in part or in whole by 460 users, rank: #2216 (of 9213)
Median rating: So-so
Arithmetic mean: 4.294 (Not really good+), std. dev.: 2.8143, rank: #8987 (of 9305)
Weighted mean: 4.409 (Not really good+), rank: #8959 (of 9305) (seen all: 6.07 / seen some: 4.47 / won't finish: 2.89)
Bayesian estimate: 4.666 (So-so−), rank: #6921 (of 6987)
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 51
Episode titles: We have 51
2004-10-02 to 2005-09-24
2005-11-05 (USA Kids'WB!)
2006-06-03 (France, Jetix)
2006-07-03 (Cartoon Network Latin America)
2006-11-27 (Brazil, RedeTV! - TVKids)
2008-06-23 (Spain)
2011-05-23 to 2011-07-25 (Philippines, Hero - Kid's Squad)
Release dates: We have 3
Opening Theme:
#1: "Brighter side" by SaGa
#2: "Brighter Side V. 2" by SaGa
#3: "Brighter Side V.3" by SaGa
#4: "Spirit Awake" by SaGa
Ending Theme:
#1: "And you" by SaGa
#3: "And you V.2" by SaGa
#3: "Shangri La Village" by Amasia Landscape
#3: "Tougenkyou" by Amasia Landscape
Links: We have 2
Trivia: We have 1
Based on the best-selling videogame by CAPCOM.
Viewtiful Joe DVD 2 (Jun 16, 2006)
Viewtiful Joe DVD (Dec 27, 2005)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 1) 2006-02-07 (from $15.98)
    Viewtiful Joe - DVD/CD Combo Pack (Dub.DVD 1) 2006-02-07 (from $48.88)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 2) 2006-04-04 (from $8.98)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 3) 2006-06-06 (from $15.99)
    Viewtiful Joe - [w/Action Figure] (Dub.DVD 3) 2006-06-06
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 4) 2006-08-01 (from $15.98)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 5) 2006-10-03 (from $16.87)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 6) 2006-10-31 (from $6.49)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 7) 2007-02-06
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 8) 2007-04-03 (from $18.73)
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 9) 2007-06-05
    Viewtiful Joe (Dub.DVD 10) 2007-08-07
    Viewtiful Joe - CD Soundtrack (OST) 2006-02-07 (from $22.68)
Universal Media Disc
    Viewtiful Joe (UMD 1) 2006-02-07

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Takaaki Ishiyama
Series Composition: GGB
Daisuke Tazawa (8 episodes
eps 7, 14, 16, 22, 29, 36, 43, 46

Hiroto Ishikawa (ep 33)
Katsuyuki Kuriyama (8 episodes
eps 5, 13, 18, 25, 31, 35, 41, 48

Kurasumi Sunayama (9 episodes
eps 3, 8, 11, 17, 23, 27, 39-40, 49

Mayumi Ishida (4 episodes
eps 4, 12, 19, 24

Mitsutaka Hirota (4 episodes
eps 30, 37, 44, 51

Takaaki Ishiyama (eps 1, 14, 26)
Takuya Okumura (eps 2, 10, 20)
Toshimitsu Takeuchi (4 episodes
eps 32, 38, 42, 50

Yuuko Kakihara (8 episodes
eps 6, 9, 15, 21, 28, 34, 45, 47

Akira Shigino (4 episodes
eps 4, 10, 20, 29

Hiroaki Yoshikawa (ep 35)
Hiroshi Matsuzono (ep 11)
Ice Mugino (ep 16)
Jun'ichi Sakata (ep 24)
Keisuke Onishi (4 episodes
eps 18, 25, 32, 44

Kouichi Takada (eps 7, 17)
Masato Tamagawa (eps 31, 36, 49)
Masatsugu Arakawa (ep 19)
Midori Kawasaki (eps 8, 45)
Naomichi Yamato (5 episodes
eps 23, 30, 37, 42, 48

Sanjuro Akasaka (6 episodes
eps 6, 12, 38-39, 41, 43

Sumio Watanabe (6 episodes
eps 15, 21, 27, 34, 40, 47

Takaaki Ishiyama (13 episodes
eps 1-3, 5, 8-9, 14, 26, 28, 33, 45, 50-51

Tsuyoshi Masui (ep 22)
Yutaka Hirata (eps 13, 46)
Episode Director:
Akira Shigino (eps 10, 20)
Keisuke Onishi (7 episodes
eps 6, 12, 18, 25, 32, 38, 44

Kouichi Takada (ep 17)
Masato Tamagawa (eps 31, 36)
Michita Shiraishi (eps 2, 8)
Midori Kawasaki (6 episodes
eps 7, 13, 26, 33, 39, 45

Naomichi Yamato (5 episodes
eps 23, 30, 37, 42, 48

Shigeru Kato (ep 4)
Sumio Watanabe (6 episodes
eps 15, 21, 27, 34, 40, 47

Takaaki Ishiyama (5 episodes
eps 1, 14, 28, 50-51

Toshihiro Ishikawa (4 episodes
eps 5, 11, 19, 24

Tsuyoshi Masui (4 episodes
eps 16, 22, 29, 43

Yutaka Hirata (7 episodes
eps 3, 9, 35, 41, 46, 49-50

Character Design: Yukiko Oohashi
Art Director: Seiko Akashi
Mecha design: Nobuaki Nagano
Sound Director: Katsuyoshi Kobayashi
Director of Photography: Masaki Kubomura

Color design: Yuko Saitou
Editing: Masashi Furukawa
Theme Song Arrangement:
Rio (OP/END)
Taichi (END)
Theme Song Composition:
Rio (OP/END)
Taichi (END)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Juno (END)
Rio (OP/END)
Taichi (END)
Theme Song Performance: SaGa (avex trax)
Tomokazu Seki as Joe / Viewtiful Joe

Banjou Ginga as Captain Blue
Makoto Tsumura as Captain Blue Jr.
Mayumi Asano as Sprocket
Natsuko Kuwatani as Silvia
Shinichiro Miki as Alastor

Akiko Kimura as Thomas (ep 17)
Akimitsu Takase as Hulk Davidson
Mitsuki Saiga as Jim (ep 19)
Mitsuru Ogata as King Charles III
Miyuki Sawashiro as Amy (ep 19)
Naoki Tatsuta as Black toybox (ep 7)
Noriko Rikimaru as Holly (ep 9)
Satomi Arai as Mary (ep 15)
Shiro Saito as Blacky
Shouto Kashii as Gran Bruce
Tomoe Sakuragawa as Honey (ep 17)
Tsubasa Otomiya as Koko (ep 11)
Yōji Ueda as Fire Leo
Yuki Matsuoka as Alisa (ep 16)

Japanese companies
English staff
English cast
Bob Buchholz
Wendee Lee (uncredited)
Script: Grant Moran
Translation: Yurika Dennis
ADR Script: Darlene Waddington
Hiroe Tsukamoto (for Geneon)
Ken Duer (for Phuuz)

Audio Mixing: Bryant Arnett
Post Production: Mickey Corcoran
Production manager: Kenneth T. Ito
Jason Palmer as Joe/ Viewtiful Joe

George C. Cole as Captain Blue (2006)
Jessie Green as Silvia
John Smallberries as Captain Blue
Kate Levine as Captain Blue, Jr.
Ross Lawrence as Alastor
Wendee Lee as Sprocket

Jennifer Sekiguchi as
Joe Cooker as Hulk Davidson
Kari Wahlgren as Holly
Kevin Michael Richardson as Announcer (credited as ??????????)
Mona Marshall as
Jim (ep 19)
Koko (ep 11)
Thomas (ep 17)
Ross Lawrence as Gran Bruce
Terrence Stone as
Charles III
Todd Crump as Rotten Jack
Udel R. Deet as Fire Leo

English companies
Additional Audio Post Production: Unreal Audio
ADR Production: phuuz entertainment inc.
Kids WB
Internet Streaming:
Crunchyroll  (expired)
Licensed by:
Geneon Entertainment Inc. (Expired)
Post Production: Plastic Cow, Inc.
French staff
French cast
Frédéric Meaux as Viewtiful Joe (redubbing)
Yann Pichon as Joe

Christine Paris as Sylvia
Elise Huwart as Captain Blue Junior (redubbing)
Frédérique Marlot as Sprocket
Gilbert Levy as
Capitaine Blue
Julie Basecqz as Sprocket (redubbing)
Robert Dubois as Captain Blue (redubbing)
Sophie Landresse as Silvia (redubbing)
Tony Beck as Alastor (redubbing)

Emmanuel Fouquet as Charles III
Jean-Marc Delhausse as Dark (redubbing)
Lionel Bourguet as Gran' Bruce (redubbing)
Martin Spinhayer as Hulk Davidson (redubbing)
Mathieu Moreau as Charles III (redubbing)
Michel Hinderyckx as Fire Leo (redubbing)
Michel Tugot-Doris as Hulk Davidson
Pascal Montségur as Fire Léo
Peppino Capotondi as Jokester (redubbing)
Philippe Roullier as Gran Bruce
French companies
Mangas (redubbing)
Sonicville (redubbing)
Super Sonic Productions (eps 1-13)
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Alberto Gracia (Spain dub)
Jordi Mas López (Catalan dub)
Marc Bernabé (Spain dub)
Angel Balam as Alastor
Antón Palomar as Joe/Viewtiful Joe (Spain dub)
Armando Volcanes as Tigre de hielo
Carlos Lladó as Joe/Viewtiful Joe (Catalan Dub)
Daniel Jiménez as Fire Leo
Héctor Indriago as Capitán Azul
Luis Enrique Poján as Joe / Viewtiful Joe
luis miguel perez as Charles III
Maythe Guedes as Junior / Capitán Azul Jr.
Mònica Padrós as Silvia/Sexy Silvia (Catalan Dub)

Alazne Erdozia as Sprocket (Spain dub)
Alberto Escobal García as Alastor (Spain dub)
Antoni Forteza as Hulk Davidson (Catalan Dub)
Elisa Beuter as Sprocket (Catalan Dub)
Elisabet Bargalló as Capità Blue Junior (Catalan Dub)
Enric Serra Frediani as King Charles III (Catalan Dub)
Estívaliz Lizárraga as Captain Blue Jr. (Spain dub)
Félix Benito as Capità Blue (Catalan Dub)
Joan Pera as Alastor (Catalan Dub)
Miquel Bonet as Gran Bruce (Catalan Dub)
Pep Bermúdez as Lleó de foc (Catalan dub)
Pilar Ferrero as Silvia (Spain dub)
Víctor Prieto as Capitán Blue (Spain dub)

Ana Begoña Eguileor as
Bloody Rachel (Spain dub)
Coco (Spain dub)
Thomas (Spain dub)
Anselmo Herrero as Black Toy Box (Spain dub)
Carlos Vitale as Hulk Davidson
Eba Ojanguren as
Amy (Spain dub)
Honey (Spain dub)
Mary (Spain dub)
José Manuel Cortizas as Charles III (Spain dub)
José María Regalado as
Hulk Davidson (Spain dub)
Jet (Spain dub)
Juan Martín Goirizelaia as Fire Leo (Spain dub)
Lileana Chacón as Silvia
Maythe Guedes as Capitán Azul Junior
Miguel Ortiz as Doctor Kranken (Spain dub)
Mikel Gandía as Gran Bruce (Spain dub)
Sonia Torrecilla as Arisa (Spain dub)
Valeria Castillo as Supu Rocket
Spanish companies
Canal Caracol (Colombia)
Cartoon Network España (Spain - from 23 June 2008)
Cartoon Network L.A.
ETC...TV (Chile)
Distributor: Televix
Dubbing Studio:
Audioclip (Catalan dub)
Etcetera Group (Venezuelan dub)
Licensed by:
Luk Internacional (Spain)
Translation: Daruma Serveis Lingüístics (Spain dub)
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Owen Caling as Silvia/Sexy Silvia
Rowena Owen Caling as sexysilvia (silvia) 
Steven Bontogon as Joe/Viewtiful Joe

Carlo Christopher Caling as Hulk Davidson
Christian Velarde as Dr. Cranken
Mark Muñoz as
Blue/Captain Blue
Jet Black
Maynard Llames as Charles III
Noel Magat as Gran Bruce
Owen Caling as
Android Rachael
Pinky Rebucas as Junior/Captain Blue Jr.
Rafael Miranda as Alastor

Mark Muñoz as Black Emperor
Maynard Llames as Fire Leo
Owen Caling as voice of sprocket 
Tagalog companies
Broadcaster: HERO TV
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Dubbing Director: Gilmara Sanchez
Fábio Lucindo as Joe / Viewtiful Joe

Gilmara Sanchez as Supu Rocket
Nestor Chiesse as Arastôru
Tatiane Keplmair as Sylvia / Sexy Sylvia
Yuri Chesman as Junior / Capitão Azul Jr

Cassius Romero as Davidson
César Marchetti as Bruce
Fátima Noya as Mary
Guilherme Lopes as Imperador
Ivo Roberto as Charles
Márcio Marconato as Fire Leo

Portuguese companies
Distributor: Swen Entretenimentos (RedeTV!)
Dubbing Studio: Centauro
DVD Distribution: Focus Filmes
Internet Streaming:
Claro Video (Brazil; Expired)
Licensed by: Televix

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