Beast King GoLion (Sub.DVD 3)

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Title: Beast King GoLion
Volume: Sub.DVD 3
Running time: 400
Distributor: Media Blasters

Release date: 2008-11-25
Suggested retail price: $34.99
Age rating: 16+

UPC: 631595087376 631595087376
ISBN-10: 1598833367 1598833367
ISBN-13: 9781598833362 9781598833362

Kogane, Princess Fala, and the rest of the GoLion team have finally repelled Prince Sincline and the oppressive forces of the Galra Empire. In the heated battle, they managed to capture an enormous energy cannon capable of firing at a planet half a solar system away. Under the direction of Raible and Fala, the former slave planets of Galra come together to support GoLion. The hatch a daring plan, to attack the evil empire's home planet and put an end to its tyranny once and for all. Raible uses the energy cannon to destroy the protective barrier around planet Galra, while the GoLion team launches a frontal attack and Shirogane's brother Sho leads a rebel force into the castle! But Sincline has already taken over the empire, and turned King Diabazaal into the most powerful Super Beastman ever. He's even developed a superwepon that will paralyze GoLion, a cannon that shoots slave-filled missiles! To save the lives of the remaining slaves, Kogane and the others may be forced to abandon GoLion.

(added on 2008-09-02)

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