Strawberry Panic - The Complete Series (Sub.DVD)

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Title: Strawberry Panic - The Complete Series
Volume: Sub.DVD
Running time: 650
Distributor: Media Blasters

Release date: 2009-07-21
Suggested retail price: $49.99
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 631595093278 631595093278
ISBN-10: 1598834894 1598834894
ISBN-13: 9781598834895 9781598834895

Nagisa Aoi has just transferred to a prestigious all-girls' school that happens to share dormitory facilities with two other academies for young ladies. The new surroundings are a lot to take in, but she quickly adapts to life in Strawberry Hall with the help of newfound friends. However, when Nagisa catches the eye of Shizuma Hanazono, the respected representative of all three schools known as the Etoile, both their lives are forever changed. Bonds beyond mere friendship develop between the two and those around them amidst a school year of heated conflicts, petty jealousies, and crossed boundaries.

Contains episodes 1-26.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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